Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro

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Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro - 01/23/08 06:51 AM

We have a plan worked out that we are going to take a bus from Playa Del Carmen to Chetumal transfer to Corozal and fly to San Pedro, however we will be coming from Cozumel. Is it imperative to make reservations on the ADO busline? I have tried it on line through ADO and Ticketbus but the site doesn't go to a booking page. I don't want to make a special trip over to Playa while we are in Cozumel just for the bus tickets, but if I have to I will. Any Suggestions?
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Re: Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro - 01/23/08 01:19 PM

Last time we took the bus we spent the night in Tulum. I was pretty surprised to find that there weren't any seats on the first class bus for the next day. The person at the bus station told us to just show up, we might get a seat. After looking at the schedule, we discovered there was a second class bus thad had plenty of open seats. Other than no movie and we had to put our own luggage on and off, it was a perfectly fine bus. It stopped more often, but it left earlier and we actually ended up in Chetumal ahead of schedule.

When I've looked at the bus schedule on line, I've never been able to firm up times until a day or so ahead. Try searching for a ticket for the next day or so and you may be able to buy one that way, just not far ahead.
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Re: Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro - 01/23/08 01:29 PM

It depends on what time of the year you are traveling in. In high season I would make the bus reservation to ensure that you are getting a ticekt at the time you want and are not sitting next to the bathroom. I take the bus in Mexico a lot and never make reservations, however, I'm prepared to wait, and sometimes have to.
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