Posted By: knacker

Customs - 02/04/08 04:38 PM

Heading down on the 20th and staying for almost 2 weeks at a villa for 10
of us. Just wondering if we can throw food items such as crackers, pasta, a lb. of
coffee or whatever in xtra space in our luggage. I know we can each bring in a
liter of liquor but don't know how strict for other items. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Getting really excited. Never been to Belize before. Have been to
Panama, Costa Rica & Venezuela. Thanks
Posted By: JZB

Re: Customs - 02/04/08 04:43 PM

You can, but why? You can buy all of that stuff here. Better yet, got to and have Simon stock the kitchen before you even arrive so all you need to do is have fun!
Where are you staying?
Posted By: knacker

Re: Customs - 02/04/08 05:00 PM

Thanks for the info. We're staying at a relatively new villa, Villa Incommunicado.
It is 3 1/2 miles south of San Pedro. All tips grateful.
Posted By: mrockl

Re: Customs - 02/04/08 05:15 PM

I took bulk dates and figs, crackers and cheese, cereal, tea, etc. and didn't get a second look. Customs didn't even know what dates or figs were. You will save money - things are more expensive - and you won't find all your familiar brands on the local shelves. Its all up to what your needs and wants are.
Posted By: suecate

Re: Customs - 02/04/08 05:35 PM

I always bring a jar of peanutbutter for the kids -
Posted By: Ambergris Bob

Re: Customs - 02/05/08 05:04 AM

I had lots of "groceries" in my dive bag for staples that I'd had a hard time finding in the past. Customs didn't care at all, just wanted to be sure it wqasn't for sale.
Posted By: colomojo

Re: Customs - 02/05/08 06:29 AM

I ditto that. We brought tea, coffee, cereal, splenda, squeeze jelly, air/foiled packed tuna...We stayed right across the road from Mr Joes which is only 1/2 a mile from where you are staying and they seem to have great prices and are so nice(Unlike a Supermarket that charged us way too much for items to stock up on) If you have a lot of kids and drink a lot of coffee, the things I'd recommend bringing are cereal, coffee, Splenda (if you use it) and peanut butter. Be sure to pick up your liquor (besides rum) at duty free. Make sure you repack your liquor in Belize City though - they won't let you take it through security when going to your Tropic Air deparature. OH! You will have so much fun!! Can't wait to be there only 95 more sleeps.
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