Best way to get to Belize City/AC

Posted By: Luckybucky

Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/07/08 05:37 AM

I have never traveled to Belize before and I am reading that it is cheaper to fly into Cancun and take a bus down to Belize. Is there a tour company or bus that is better than the rest? Have any of you done this before and what was your experience. I would be coming from Minnesota so if anybody has any travel tips they can share I would much appreciate it. Thank you.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/07/08 12:32 PM

Yes, it's usually cheaper to fly to Cancun and take the bus. It's also lots more time consuming. About six hours by bus from Cancun to Chetumal. Then you either have to change buses, catch a cab or have a transfer arranged to get across the border. Then onto either catch a water taxi (I think it's only twice a day) and a short flight to San Pedro.

I've done it, it's fine, as long as you have the time. I sure wouldn't do it again unless I had more than two weeks to travel.

We just caught the Riviera bus at the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen. You'll probably need to get to the other bus station to catch a bus to Chetumal. ADO is the first class bus company. Mayab (I think) has decent second class buses that make the trip.
Posted By: colomojo

Re: Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/07/08 02:10 PM

We are doing this trip next month but only because we will be in Cozumel for a week before AC. It is less expensive but like Jean H said it takes up a lot of time. I guess it is up to personal priorities and whether money or time is tighter. Good luck.
Posted By: Luckybucky

Re: Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/10/08 04:59 AM

Thanks guys for the tips. I am pretty good about traveling but I am not so sure about my friend, I think we will be flying!
Posted By: James Morgan

Re: Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/18/08 08:03 PM

Colomojo, just how much less expensive is it? and can you give particulars on buses, etc.? I may be doing a solo trip in late June/early July, and without my wife along comfort is less of an issue
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Best way to get to Belize City/AC - 04/18/08 09:36 PM

If you take the bus to Chetumal,the busses are great, even show movies. You can either Transfer to the Belize bus at the New Market, Nuevo Marcado..they leave every hour and cost $2.50, they will wait for you to go through the boarder, you can be let off at the Corozal Airstrip, and fly to San Pedro, 15 minutes vs another 4 or 5 hours. We just did this last week the airfare was $35 , Maya Island Air for the last few months have been giving 25% off on cash. and are likly to offer this until June...or take VIP transfer service from Chetumal to Corozal..$30...
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