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Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/19/08 08:05 PM

From time to time there are inquiries on how to travel with a dog, required documents, fees, and getting to the island. Things have changed over the past 5 years so here is current information as of this April 2008.

Purchase your ticket and make sure the airlines know you are traveling with your pet.
Many airlines do not allow dogs to be checked with luggage. The two airlines to Belize that accept pets to be checked are American and Continental.

-Must have a clear bag of dog food tapped to the top of the kennel with instructions should there be an emergency or delay. -Must have a water bottle (the gerbil type) that fits on the outside of the kennel door whether your dog knows how to use them or not.
-Must have airport approved kennel large enough for pet to stand up and turn around. I suggest bringing extra nuts/bolts that fit the kennel as they often pop off the kennels. The airline will also cable tie the dog in the kennel. Please make sure your dog has comfort and you provide some type of pillow or comfy blanket.
-Must label kennel 'LIVE ANIMAL' on each side of kennel with name of dog
-If temperatures are predicted less than 45 degrees at any place of travel you MUST have a vets letter stating dog can travel in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F. No exceptions on airlines without this letter!

After purchasing your airfare

Submit your import permit application via fax or email to Belize.
Tel: 501-822-0818 or 501-822-1378
alternate number for pet import 822-3084

Fax: 501-822-0271
Email: if emailing for permit, send to both
[email protected] and [email protected] Ms.Nadine Hegar

Required information to apply

Your name
Dogs name
Address in US (or where you are coming from)
Intended address upon arrival in Belize
Estimated date arriving
Port of entry(Phillip Goldson Int. Airport).

Days and Hours

Every day of the week 8-5pm (in past was only M-F)

Required information upon entry

All records of current vaccinations and valid rabies shot. They now also ask for proof or a statement that the pet is free of ehrlichiosis (disease from ticks)


Now $80 BZ (was $50 BZ) and they explain it as $50 BZ to enter, $20 BZ inspection and $10 Fax fee.

THEY ARE VERY HELPFUL BOTH ON THE PHONE AND UPON ARRIVAL The process is very easy, I have done it four times with no issues.


I highly recommend the water taxi.
Though it takes longer it is well worth it for the dog. It is much easier on the dog (and the person with the dog) in my opinion. My dog personally hated getting out of her kennel after traveling so long from the states to then be put back into her kennel for the flight to the island. If arriving on American's late flight, you will likely have no choice but to fly. The last water taxi is 4:30pm from Belize City.

Water Taxi

Allow one and a half hours after arrival to determine which water taxi you will take

20-30 minutes for customs and bags
15-20 minutes at BAHA to import your pet and pay your fees
10 minutes to load up your cab with luggage and pet
20 minute for cab ride to water taxi and to purchase your water taxi ticket upon arriving at terminal
$10 US one way

Caye Caulker Water Taxi departures (Belize City-San Pedro)
10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm

Tropic charges
three seats for the dog=$150 US each way. Plus your ticket= $50 US totaling $200 US. If you have a very large kenel at times they do ask for you to purchase four seats for the dog!!!!

Maya Island Air charges only one seat for the dog= $50 US each way. Plus your ticket= $50 US totaling only $100 US.
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totally excellent! this goes into the //!
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 03:16 AM

Last time we came in, BAHA asked me the strangest question. They asked "what value do you put on your dog" Why does that matter, lol! I said One million dollars. The guy looks at me and says "no, if you had to put a price on the dog, what price would you give her." I looked at him again seriously and said "One million dollars."

He looked stumped as he was writing it down in the book with everyone elses pet import info.
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 03:17 AM

lucky he didn't charge you duty or sales tax. LOL
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 03:21 AM

lucky he didn't charge you duty or sales tax. LOL
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 05:51 AM

Kra-Z-K, you state that he last water taxi is at 4:30 but everything else I have read about it says it's at 3:00.

Is there more than one water taxi? And do they all go to AC?

We are landing at 3:00 and hope to get to AC the same day. From what I have read I really don't want to spend any more time in BC than I have to.

Thank You
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 06:09 AM

The last water taxi is definately 4:30pm from BC to AC and actually an express boat direct with no stop in CC. I take it every time I go to the city for business.

You can also fly to AC if you get there too late. Just make sure you are through customs with bags no later than 4:00pm if you expect to make the last water taxi at 4:30pm otherwise go with the flight.

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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 02:07 PM

Maya Air is offering 25% off if you pay with cash....
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 04/20/08 05:32 PM

Not for dogs.
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 05/01/08 11:59 PM

I understand the proceedure to get a dog into Belize. May question is, is there a problem getting him back into the US? Not sure how that works. Leaving him behind this trip, but hope to have his company on the next trip. Much thanks,
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 05/02/08 02:35 AM

Getting the dog back is even easier. You simply get a vet certificate here in Belize which is around $35 US. Entering the states through customs takes around 2 minutes and you simply hand them the certificate (if they even remember to ask for it, twice they've not asked me for it and we just walk through and enter)
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Re: Traveling with dog -updated information - 05/05/08 06:56 AM

Thanks for your reply. Leaving tomorrow and he has to stay behind this trip, but hope to work it out next time.
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