Departure Tax

Posted By: shred

Departure Tax - 06/29/08 06:25 PM

When we flew out of Belize 2 years ago we were charged a departure tax.I cant remember how much but I remember it had to be in US dollars.

When we left this last time in May we,My wife,sister and I did not pay any departure fee.Have they done away with this fee or did we just luck out?
Posted By: wade the gringo

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 06:31 PM

depends on the airline what is included in the ticket. a recent fee is an environmental fee never put on a ticket.
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 07:01 PM

Continental includes this tax in their ticket price. You must still check in with them at the counter to get your "paid" stamp prior to going through customs and give this to them along with your departure form.

It does one no good to print a boarding pass prior to departure because of this. You must go to the counter and wait in the long line even if you have your boarding pass in order to get you departure tax "paid" stamp.

I learned this the hard way on our first trip. Waited in the long line at customs thinking I was soooo smart to preprint my boarding pass in order to avoid the even longer ticket counter line just to be sent back to the long ticket counter line then back again to the long customs line. I asked the ticket counter lady "what good does it do to preprint your boarding pass here then?" Answer "none":(
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 07:05 PM

In the event the tax was not included in your ticket price, officials are now required to accept Belize funds in payment for the fee.
Posted By: shuffles

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 07:08 PM

Last time I checked, American was the only airline flying into BZE that does NOT include the departure tax on their ticket prices.
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 07:09 PM

shred, continental already charges it in the ticket so you won't pay when you leave traveling on that airline.

American does not pre charge and you will pay upon leaving.

Belize-N-Us, the convience of pre printing your boarding pass was not created just for people coming here to's really no big deal and the 25 times I traveled in/out of Belize I've never waited in a "long line" at Continental. Some airlines don't even let you pre pring any boarding pass traveling international so I think it's great continental offers.
Posted By: Northern Canuck

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 08:41 PM

USAirways includes the Passneger Sevice Fee, Conservation Fee and Security Fee.
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 09:41 PM

I guess one of your 25 trips just wasn't at the same time of one of my 10. Lines have been long on each of our trips. I'm sure they seem even longer because we are leaving there and would rather stay.

We still preprint our passes when we leave here as that does save us from having to check in at the counter here. We don't check bags so we can go straight to security.
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: Departure Tax - 06/29/08 10:24 PM

Tru dat. Guess it is the luck of the draw. But you could be right that since you're leaving it feels longer than it is. I've been lucky all 25 times lol. The longest line was probably 10 minutes with an average line of 5 minutes.
Posted By: shred

Re: Departure Tax - 06/30/08 12:26 AM

ahh yes we flew continental out the second trip.We missed our flight in on continental and took "Tacca"? It was soo much nicer than your typical american airline flight.
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: Departure Tax - 06/30/08 12:34 AM

We also leave on Sundays which I guess is the most common departure day. Usually takes about 20 minutes or more per line so about 45 min to an hour to get through both has been typical for us on a Sunday departure.
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