Car Rental????

Posted By: lakegirl

Car Rental???? - 08/10/08 02:17 PM

I think I have asked this question before, but what car rental company should we go with and what kind of car would be best for traveling from Belize City to Placancia?

Thanks everyone!!!
Posted By: elbert

Re: Car Rental???? - 08/10/08 02:47 PM

Jess it isn't as bad as that any more a new highway is in place and it very doable now.
and a detour down the hummingbird highway is beautiful.
I would advice to get a four wheel drive and most places do rent 4 wheel drive .
the airport has lots of car rental places to choose from right in the parking lot.
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: Car Rental???? - 08/10/08 03:14 PM

our guests have always had good luck with crystal rental, hertz, jabaru, budget. you can find them all here.
check before you go to see if anyone knows if the bridge at Kendall is washed out or not. it washes out with each big rain.
once you leave the pavement at the peninsula junction, it will be a dirt/mud road for the next 20 miles. 4x4 is not a necessity, but most rental places insist you get a 4x4 once they find out you are going to Placencia.
another option is to fly and rent a car once here.
barefoot rentals.
Posted By: lakegirl

Re: Car Rental???? - 08/12/08 02:19 AM

Thanks everyone!

Jesse-We did think about flying but really want to see the country.

Barnacle-Thanks for the advice, if the bridge is washed out what do you do then?!!!!
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: Car Rental???? - 08/12/08 03:37 AM

so far,, they have been real good at repairing very quickly.
also, we have had guests leave their rental here and catch a flight out.
personally,, i wouldn't worry too much about getting stuck here.
just check before you head this way.
once you get here, then Bob's yer uncle!
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