Posted By: ronandgaye

airfare - 12/11/00 05:34 PM

Our family has traveled to Belize the past six years, and I can't believe how much the airfare has gone up lately! Last spring we took the bus from Cancun, but we may not have that much time this year. Are there any good fares out there? Anybody have any luck with the auction/name-your-own-price websites? We save up all year for our trip to Belize, but it's getting harder and harder to do. I guess it's just a matter of priorities--Belize or groceries. Oh well, I guess we really only need to eat every other day...
Posted By: Suzan

Re: airfare - 12/12/00 01:08 AM

I have had good luck with skyauction -- if you can be flexible with travel dates and times. Also, try -- someone else on this board recommended that site and it looks good to mne.
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