Tourism Arrivals in the Caribbean

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Tourism Arrivals in the Caribbean - 01/09/09 11:15 PM

I received some figures from the BTB with Tourism arrivals in the Caribbean over 2008. It is not the whole year; the period is mentioned per country.

The first sheet are the stop over arrivals per country and the second sheet is a breakdown per region where they came from.

We already know tourism in Belize decreased, but there were some surprises:

The Dutch Antilles all show an increase:
Aruba +15.9% mainly Europeans and other countries.
Bonaire +7.9% Europeans and mainly other countries.
Curacau +30.9% mainly Europeans and other countries.
Saba +3.4% mainly Europeans and other countries.
St. Eustatius + 4% and St. Maarten + 3.9% manly Europeans.

Other increasing countries are:
Cancun +6.4% US and Canadians.
Cayman Islands +8% all markets.
Cuba +10.7% Canadians and other countries.
Jamaica +5% Canadians and other countries.
St. Lucia +5.2% Canadians and Europeans.

Tourist (Stop-over) Arrivals per Country:
[Linked Image]

Tourist Arrivals by Main Market:
[Linked Image]
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Re: Tourism Arrivals in the Caribbean - 01/14/09 08:39 PM

JFK to Paris, 6 nights hotel,air = $699

LAX to JFK = $450

ORD to Bahamas, 3 nights with air = $279

Prices qouted by Kayak today.??????
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Re: Tourism Arrivals in the Caribbean - 01/14/09 09:45 PM

This is an article today in a Dutch newspaper saying that international tourism to the Caribbean has experienced a growth of 30% in 2008 according to the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Holland.

This is the original article:
Click here for the translated text by Google Translator.

I will properly translate the last paragraph:
Originally Posted by Telegraaf
Jamaica experienced the biggest growth in terms of international tourism in the summer of 2008. Hans van Wamel of the Jamaican Tourism Board thinks this is due to changing needs of the visitors "Many people are not satisfied with sun, sea and beach. They want to see more of the country, meet local people and try a different culture, Jamaica offers all of this."
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