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airfares for Tropic air - 05/01/09 04:37 PM

Hello, My question is, how much is it to fly round trip from the municiple airport to S.P. I've read differing prices. On one blog it said you can get a better deal if you offer cash. Is this true and is it ok to do. Maybe we save some money and we just take the water taxi, we have a family of 4. Does anyone know the fare for the water taxi and how long it takes. We will be in SP tomorrow. Thank you. Mik
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Re: airfares for Tropic air - 05/01/09 05:02 PM

Tropic is US$35 one-way from municipal to San Pedro. Same price on Maya Island.

Maya Island from time to time has fairly significant discounts for cash -- 25% or so. But usually not on Saturdays. Don't know if Maya is running any special discounts now. Tropic also sometimes will give a (smaller) discount if you pay cash.

Doesn't hurt to ask at the counter.

The water taxi (either Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association or San Pedro Belize Express) is US$10 one-way.

By the way, all of these have web sites with fares and schedules -- just google them using their name.
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Re: airfares for Tropic air - 05/01/09 06:22 PM

As far as I'm aware Maya has had the 25% off cash discount all the time for almost a year.

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Re: airfares for Tropic air - 05/07/09 10:56 PM

Is there any difference in the planes used from the municipal airport as compared to the ones from the international airport wher AA flies into--safety being the upmost importance. hate to take a risk for a $200 saving on family of 4.I was told $127 roundtrip from Belize to san pedro per person
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Re: airfares for Tropic air - 05/07/09 10:57 PM

Tropic flies the same planes to both.
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Re: airfares for Tropic air - 05/07/09 11:34 PM

we just paid $120.75US per person for the r/t from Belize International to SP.
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