Swine Flu & Vaccinations

Posted By: lv2trvl

Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 06:16 AM

Has there been any issues with the Swine Flu being as close to Mexico as Belize is? As a visitor, should I prepare by getting any vaccinations(for anything, not just Swine Flu)or is that even necessary?

Thanks all for the help you provide!!
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Re: Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 12:45 PM

lv2trvl, I am interested in the answer to your question and have wondered the same for longer term visits. Dengue Fever? Swine Flu is not a concern as of yet to me. I just returned from a week in Mexico and it wasn't much of a concern where I was. (Playa del Carmen) Except for a very few people at the airport with face masks when we departed and TV you would have never known anything was going on.

Maybe in a few days I'll feel differently about the Flu but it appears an over-reaction to me except in Mexico City.
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Re: Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 02:40 PM

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Re: Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 03:34 PM

So far no swine flu in Belize. Early test of potential cases have come back negative. Dengue is rare but it does happen. It is treatable and lasts about 2 weeks.

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 04:20 PM

Belize is one of the healthiest places I've ever been.
Greatest risks - sunburn, hangovers and bad cases of "homesick for Belize" about 2 hours after your vacation ends.

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Re: Swine Flu & Vaccinations - 05/02/09 05:15 PM

Thanks everyone for your help!
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