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Posted By: Barnacle

M.I.A. website - 07/24/09 05:25 PM

while trying to make some on-line reservations this morning, Mrs. Barn had some trouble with the maya island website.
they now have a box that you have to enter the passengers weight! and it won't let you continue without it.
so,, she phones them up to tell them she is NOT going to ask the guests how much they weigh and their official response was,,
"the average male weighs 165, female 143, kid 88lbs."
OK,,, so now you know.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: M.I.A. website - 07/24/09 11:08 PM

Are we takling Belizean, American or British
Posted By: Barnacle

Re: M.I.A. website - 07/24/09 11:11 PM

i really don't know what exchange rate they are using.
Posted By: cracked up

Re: M.I.A. website - 07/25/09 04:50 PM

Standard wts are commonly used in air transport, but they're way off on the accepted std wts, by a lot.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: M.I.A. website - 07/25/09 06:05 PM

Inplub, no matter what country they are basing it on, you and I don't fall within the average. smile Can we blame that on Tippi.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: M.I.A. website - 07/25/09 08:07 PM

Yes we can
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