car rental - exciting routes?

Posted By: christa b

car rental - exciting routes? - 02/27/03 04:44 PM

I am driving in April from BZE to San Ignacio (Aguada) and the to Placenia (Robert's Inn) before returning back to BZE (six days). I would love any suggestions for great stops to make, suggested routes, etc. We decided to rent a car because we love the whole idea of exploring on our own.

Also, what sort of daily rate should we be able to get? The least expenzive that I have found so far is $65USD for a Suzuki.

Thanks for your suggestions!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: car rental - exciting routes? - 02/27/03 05:39 PM

By far the most scenic drive in Belize is the Hummingbird. You'll be going that way to Placencia.

Stops along the Western Hwy to San Ignacio: Belize Zoo, with a cold drink or snack at JB's or Cheers; Guanacaste park near Belmopan; Belmopan (10 minutes to see it); Spanish Lookout Mennonite area.

Stops along the Hummingbird: Blue Hole & St. Herman's Cave; Five Blues Park; old railroad bridges; Dangriga; Hopkins; Cockscomb Preserve.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: snowbird

Re: car rental - exciting routes? - 02/27/03 08:35 PM

christa b - My mom & i did the same thing last Feb. We only had 3 days and really went to go to Tikal but what a great adventure! We also stayed at the Aguada which we LOVED. We did our trip to Tikal w/their help. Everyone there was awesome and can help w/tours/trips/tips on things to see -anything really. I would suggest a stop at one of the butterfly farms - a highlight for sure. We went to Green Hills and thought the Mountain Pine Ridge area was beautiful. No time for the caves or river tubing but would love to try that next time. The zoo was a fun stop and we did stop @ JB's for lunch, beautiful view from the back. Driving was not really a problem. The main highways were in great shape, it was the back roads that were a little tougher. Maybe during rainier weather we wouldn't have adventured onto some of them. Have a good map and ENJOY!
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: car rental - exciting routes? - 02/27/03 11:35 PM

Christa, Compared to American standards the number of roads is limited but as Lan said the Hummingbird Highway is beautiful, well worth exploring. The last 25 miles or so before you hit Placencia are rough, mad you have to go pretty slow. Also I noticed that the roads are a heck of lot better than the bridges. I can't wait to take the trip again in June. :p ML
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: car rental - exciting routes? - 02/28/03 12:58 AM

I suggest you buy a copy of the Driver's Guide to Beautiful Belize before you go. Lots of interesting info, mile by mile details and good maps. I think Lan has them available from his site. You can wait till you get there but many of the hotel gift shops in BZ City sell out of them. Better to get it before you go.

The $65/day for the Suzuki is about as checp as it gets!
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: car rental - exciting routes? - 02/28/03 05:37 PM

On the Driver's Guide, Emory King tells me the new 2003 guide is now out. I'm awaiting a shipment.

--Lan Sluder
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