Coastal Living Magazine features Belize

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Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/05/09 07:45 PM

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Beautiful and colorful photographs of Thatch Caye, the Caribbean Sea, food, Belikin, Seaduced, Mata Chica’s cabaña suites, Rojo Lounge’s Mojito and even Caye Caulker streets line the seven pages of the article.

She said: I need a vacation. I’m craving sun, turquoise water, a comfy beach chair, fruity drinks, and maybe a spa treatment (or three).
He said: I need a vacation. I want a real getaway, where I can live like a local and have an adventure (or three).

So, where did Managing Editor for Coastal Living Candace Schlosser and her husband Al go to find what they were looking for? Well, Belize, of course. “Al and I did some research, and we actually gave each other a high-five in our kitchen when we read an article about Belize,” reads the article in Coastal Living’s October issue. His-and-her Belize speaks of the couple’s fantastic getaway in our Central American country.

        Giving him what he needs, the couple’s first stop was a rustic eco-lodge, perfect for Al’s be-one-with-nature quest. Candace and her hubby of 17 years arrived at Thatch Caye and were delighted with the 12-acre private island. While snorkeling and kayaking, the couple enjoyed how up close and personal they got with both the marine life and the flora and fauna found on the luxurious island.

        The second leg of their trip was spent enjoying the amenities of Mata Chica Resort where Candace would get that spa treatment she desired. However, spa was not the only thing they did while on Ambergris Caye. The couple enjoyed a day of lazing on a sailboat, a delicious lunch at Caye Caulker’s Rainbow Grill and Bar, and finished up their day snorkeling with nurse sharks. “It’s like swimming in an aquarium,” Al yelled to his wife.

        Dinner that night was “fabulous” according to the vacationers who loved Rojo Lounge. “We shared ceviche with conch, shrimp and grouper, chorizo-and-shrimp wontons and grilled grouper with coconut rice. I’m too stuffed for dessert, but Al can’t resist the blended B52. Tastes like a spiked milkshake. Yum,” Candace says. For those who have visited Rojo Lounge, had the Frozen Mojito and have absolutely fallen in love with it, October’s issue of Coastal Living has the recipe as an added bonus on it.

        Candace got the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating hour of yoga and meditation at Ak’bol. The experience left her with only one question – how can you not experience a renewal of spirit with a great workout while breathing in the sea air amid all this lush tropical beauty?

        While she enjoyed the Yoga experience, Al took off for a day of fishing. Heading off to the flats with Kachu, he spends the day searching for tarpon and permit. Since dinner was not caught, the couple visited town and enjoyed a Mayan dinner, which included pork, tamales, beans, beef stew and handmade corn tortillas, at Elvi’s Kitchen.

        Day seven concluded with a seaside massage at Mata Chica and Al has to admit that as much as he enjoyed the snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and the rustic eco-living […] the massage, food and wine (and rum punches) have been great.

        So, what could both agree upon? Why, to return next year of course! Coastal Living was founded in 1997 as a lifestyle magazine for people who love the coast. The magazine is issued bimonthly and includes stories on home design and architecture, travel, food and entertaining, gardening, coastal towns and communities, and the environment. Visit them at

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Re: Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/13/09 01:38 AM

Was the article in the October 2009 issue? I can't find it anywhere. I can't seem to access the article on Coastal Living's website, and I can't find an archive copy of Oct. 09, even on CL's archives or

Any ideas?
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Re: Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/13/09 02:44 AM
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Re: Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/13/09 05:58 AM

Thanks for the link, but I did see that article and two or three others on CL's website. I just can't find the one at the beginning of this thread...the one that is seven pages long with beautiful photos.

I would love to find the magazine to purchase, but it seems it is sold out.
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Re: Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/13/09 06:25 AM

Online articles are often truncated froprintm the magazine, as in this case. Publishers don't give away the entire nut free Try a Barnes & Noble near you. Or, email the mktg dept @ Coastal Living ( or Ms schlosser directly), I'm sure they would give a hand.
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Re: Coastal Living Magazine features Belize - 11/13/09 08:34 AM

Or try your local library's magazine section. Doesn't get you possession but you'd be able to read and see the whole article.
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