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Posted By: Sophie1013

Where to Stay - 05/10/10 05:01 AM

My husband and I honeymooned in Belize in 2007 and just fell in love with the spirit of Belize. A vacation to us is def one where we can just relax and enjoy ourselves and not be bothered with hordes of tourist. We are looking at coming back to Ambergris in July with our Son who is 8. He loves to fish & Swim . I would love some suggestions of where we should stay. I have began to look on VRBO, but have gotten a tad overwhelmed with all the choices. We would love to be close enough to town that we can cruise in and grab some food and a few cold belikins and fantas for the kid.
Cant wait to get back.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Where to Stay - 05/10/10 07:54 AM

Xanadu was recommended to someone else the other day, and I think that's a good recommendation again. Lovely property, nice pool area, great units/suites, and a quiet peaceful beachside location. But, it is also very close to the local store Marinas, where you will be able to grab some food, a few cold belekins and fantas. There are other good restaurants in tht area but it is still only a short jaunt into the middle of town by taxi, bike or golfcart.
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Re: Where to Stay - 05/11/10 05:02 AM

Thanks Seashell.. I need to look into Xanadu. Any recommended companys to use for quided fishing trips? or is it even an option to rent a boat for a few days and go out at our leisure?
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Where to Stay - 05/11/10 06:15 AM

Xanadu is indeed nice, but there are others. Caribbean Villas is almost next door and is also lovely.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Where to Stay - 05/11/10 09:06 AM

I didn't think that Caribbean Villas had a pool?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Where to Stay - 05/11/10 09:18 AM

They do, it was put in a while back.
Posted By: Sophie1013

Re: Where to Stay - 05/12/10 03:32 AM

Awesome.. Thanks for the information. I am def going to take a look at all the properties mentioned above. Cant wait to get back to Belize.. Looking at getting a fishing charter any recommendations?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Where to Stay - 05/12/10 01:44 PM

You asked if you can rent a boat whilst you are here.
Kayak yes, motor boat, no.
Have a wonderful visit!
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Re: Where to Stay - 05/13/10 08:08 AM

Victoria House is extremely nice with a great pool area. The Phoenix is also another good bet again with a great pool area. Some of the condos on VRBO are good choices too. Look on the Caye Management web site too. They have listings south of town at Tranquility Beach which have a great pool and pier. Also Mister Joes is a store located right across from the building. The only downside is it is approximately 1/2 mile after the paved road ends. A great fishing guide to take your family out is Alberto Bradley. I'll try to get you Alberto's contact numbers. Also the fishing should be great in June.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Where to Stay - 05/13/10 06:59 PM

Another lovely and cheaper place is Paradise Villas, at the northern end of the main town, on the beach. Very close to the Wet Willies bar.
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Re: Where to Stay - 05/14/10 10:09 PM

Check with Steve at

Your son might like Aqua Sports Belize and Funtasea
Posted By: backshot

Re: Where to Stay - 05/16/10 04:08 AM

wanted to get back with you and give you alberto's number 226 2608. just call and he'll take care of your fishing needs. he'll also do the beach bbq with you if you let him know ahead of time. i don't think you'd be disappointed.
Posted By: pirate villas

Re: Where to Stay - 05/17/10 03:41 AM

I sent you a PM, please check your messages.
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