Coastal Xpress price hike

Posted By: Marty

Coastal Xpress price hike - 08/21/10 04:35 AM

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Posted By: samray

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 08/21/10 12:00 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love Coastal Xpress, but that is one of the worst business letters I have ever read.

Should I call them with my comment???
Posted By: hazzyy

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 08/24/10 07:47 PM

Looks like it was written in Spanish and then translated with google translate into English!!
Posted By: LaraTravelBelize

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 08/24/10 10:41 PM

not just that, but the saddest part is
Coastal Express came in, slashed prices so much and put others out of business, and now that they are basically the only game in town, they raise the prices.

bad form.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 08/24/10 11:05 PM

Gee I was not going to comment on this and here I am.
50.cents Lemon Crush. The price from town to some place as far North like Journeys End went up 50.cents and for tourist it went up a dollar US.
Come on Its a first class operation the boats are clean, neat, run on time, run by professional staff and gas is $10. a gallon.
The other service cant be compared with Coastal.
The Coastal Express makes the island a better place to live.
I hope they raised the price enough to keep it as proficient as it is now.
Posted By: Casa Pokey Jan

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/06/10 08:58 PM

They raised the fee to Palmero Point (9 miles north) $7 one way and $13 round trip. It is LESS expensive to go to Brightweaters which is 3/4 mile farther north. There is no local rate to Palmero Point anymore, either.

I think they are slipping in customer service and their professionalism. The drivers rarely wear a uniform shirt anymore and they failed to pick me up recently. I watched them leave Blue Reef's dock and go south instead of coming north for me, called and the ticket lady refused to call the captain to have him come back. When the captain picked me up on the next run he was very unhappy that she hadn't called on the radio or his cell. Until recently they had been really great!
Posted By: elbert

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/06/10 09:38 PM

How far did Island ferry run North?
Posted By: Casa Pokey Jan

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/06/10 09:46 PM

Salamander which is now El Secreto and is 2 miles north of Palmero Point.

Posted By: LaraTravelBelize

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/06/10 11:06 PM

i do have to say, i do love them! they at least come get me south, which no one else did....and in their defense, from Carib Island to Palapa Bar costs me $8 bzd one way. A land taxi to town is $15....and then i'd still have to go north from there.

and yes, they are great and i love them.

just hate a price hike
Posted By: elbert

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/07/10 02:49 PM

I suppose that I get defensive when people criticize Coastal because living for so many years up here without road or ferry service was a hardship and now life seems so much easier because I can simply go out on the dock and hop on like taking a bus to town.
Its really changed the way people on the North part of the island live. Its value to us is astronomical.
The Island Ferry had some friends and there are some hard feelings but I'm sure Island Ferry isn't coming back and Coastal is extremely better run.
Clean, well maintained boats and regular on time schedules are in my opinion Night and Day differences from The old Island Ferry...
and still cheap compared to the alternatives.
Having to buy a boat, pay for its mooring, maintain its engine and keep it in fuel in order to commute to work or just go to the grocery store is huge. After 15 years of that you'll have a greater respect.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/07/10 02:52 PM

the boats are amazingly new, clean and smooth riding.
Posted By: SnoopysMom

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/08/10 05:57 AM

I understand also that Coastal Express is now committing to putting it's employees through the first aid training with the goal of continuing the medical rescue service that Island Ferry provided in the past.

The only change is that there may be charges associated with the service.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/08/10 03:13 PM

That is great news. And of course it makes sense that expenses are related to providing emergency services and ultimately somebody needs to pay for the fuel. No doubt the employees will not charge for their services as first responders - but the costs for their phone calls, fuel, equipment etc should be covered.

There are first aid classes being held today and tomorrow.
Posted By: SnoopysMom

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/08/10 05:41 PM

Nurse Natalie can fill it more - as I believe she has been spearheading this effort...

I simply mentioned it so that others may have an opportunity to encourage them along these lines as other priorities may bump this effort.
Posted By: Short

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/09/10 12:56 AM

Coastal Xpress does have a good service and well maintained boats. I understand that they are now replacing the 4 stroke engines with 2 stroke engines, so they are ahead of problems.

North of Journey's End prices for locals did go up almost 40% (from BZ$ 8 to BZ$ 11). Good to see that they are going to replace the Island Ferry's Emergency Response Team (ACER) that we lost!

Mean while Belizean Shores, Coco Beach and Belizean Cove have started their own ferry service to town as has Costa Maya Reef Resort.

I think Coastal Xpress is doing a fine job!
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Coastal Xpress price hike - 09/10/10 04:32 AM

Just to clarify: do they have established pick up and drop off points/times at hotels south of town, or do you have to call them for a ride?

If I understand correctly, you can go from Carib to Palapa directo, for 8 BZE? If so, that is a great deal, if one wants to save costs and alleviate golf cart rental or taxi into town. Is that rate only for locals?

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