water taxi vs flight

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water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 07:08 PM

What is everyone's opinion on taking the water taxi from the main land versus the flight -- how rough is the boat ride??
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Re: water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 07:17 PM

Here's my standard answer:

Yes, you can get here by water taxi. We generally suggest that guests take the plane to get here and the water taxi on the way back. Here's why: when you arrive at Belize International (which is in Ladyville), you must go through immigration before you get your bags and then customs. If you take the water taxi, once you find your bags, you must take them outside, hail a cab and have the cab take you to the Water Taxi terminal in Belize City. The taxi ride is $25.00 US. There you get your bags, again, and take them to the pier where they are loaded onto the water taxi. The trip lasts about one hour and forty minutes. The water taxi can be very crowded. The boats are generally open without tarps. Once here, you have to get your bags again, and take them to another taxi. The taxi then takes you to your hotel. You can walk to your hotel, but even the best luggage doesn’t roll well on sand. The cost of the taxi to the water taxi terminal in Belize City is at least $25 US. The water taxi fare to the island is $30.00 per person. The taxi in San Pedro can run anywhere from $4 US to $20 US depending on where you are staying. On top of that, you have been traveling all day and you have no control over the weather. A two hour boat ride in 75 degree weather, if overcast, feels very wet and cold. Depending on your arrival time into Belize International, you may not make the last water taxi, which leaves at 4:30. The last plane out of International for San Pedro leaves at 5:30, and you arrive in San Pedro at 5:55.

If you take the taxi when you leave, the costs are the same, but at least you are "fresh", i.e., you are doing the above in reverse, but haven't traveled all day, and you will almost always have the option of taking the plane if the weather is not excellent.

The plane trip over is $65.00 US, You will only have to retrieve your luggage at the International airport, find a porter who will load your luggage onto a plane for San Pedro. Once here, another porter will retrieve your luggage from the airstrip and a taxi driver will load onto your taxi for your hotel.
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Re: water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 07:21 PM

Just to clarify, I believe the water taxi to San Pedro is BZ30.00, which is US$15.00 one way.

All the water taxis I've been on in recent years have been mostly covered. Makes it hard to see out, and makes it seem even more crowded.

I've been on the water taxi when it was crowded enough that many people didn't even have a back rest, were just sitting on the seating in the middle of the boat. Very uncomfortable.

We fly on Tropic, direct from BZE every trip. Well worth the extra few dollars.
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Re: water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 07:24 PM

I completely agree with Shuffles, therefore we have never taken the water taxi, also we are in enough boats for our excursions. To me saving $10 wouldn't be worth it and to have to schlep your bags all over Belize City (okay maybe that's a tad exaggerating wink but for ease and comfort flying over to the island is the best way to go. JMHO
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Re: water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 07:43 PM

I had a business trip to the city once and decided to go by water taxi, as I had all day to enjoy it.

When I got to the city, I was soaked, sunburned and my back was killing me.

Other than that, it was a fun ride. I flew back to SP out of municipal:)
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Re: water taxi vs flight - 06/20/11 08:15 PM

thank you -- you've made up my mind!
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