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Costa Rica - 07/27/11 01:42 PM

I know this is the Ambergris Caye forum before anyone starts shouting. We have a house there and are thinking of going to Costa Rica and exploring that country the next time we come down. Anyone recommend a good agent or have any advice about traveling there. Just normal tourist stuff would be what we are looking for. However we are looking for as much luxury as possible. Thanks,
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Re: Costa Rica - 07/27/11 01:58 PM
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Re: Costa Rica - 07/27/11 02:49 PM

Hi Martin,
I spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica a few years ago so will mail you this w/end with some tips. Whilst I wasn't in the luxury category by a long way, I can recommend some great areas. Since you're Caribbean side in Belize, I'd recommend staying on the Pacific side for a good contrast.
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Get in touch with Rico Tours. They specialize in Costa Rica and know the country in and out.
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We were just there during spring break. We rented a car and drove all around. We visited the Arenal volcano, Monte Verde cloud forest and then went down to Jaco and Manuel Antonio.

We booked it all ourself online. We really like it there.
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Re: Costa Rica - 07/27/11 07:22 PM

i went to zancudo near golfito west side near panama years ago ...not that great but still had fun
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You want supreme luxury on the west coast? Villa Caletas, our most favorite romantic destination.

be prepared to spend some $$$.

Bosque Del Cabo, Osa Peninsula, without question.

Want a lot of fun, the best owners, tremendous staff Iguana Lodge, not luxury but we could have stayed for months

also on the Osa in Puerto Jimenez. Love that place.

Frankly I dislike the main destinations on the West Coast like Quepos, Manuel Antonio, and Jaco proper. But that is just my opinion, many people love them, you may as well. YOu need to read up. I like more secluded but a place that still offers views,quiet but access to hustle if I want it.

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Re: Costa Rica - 07/30/11 06:31 AM

My travels to Costa Rica have included many places, except the Pacific Coast....cannot comment on luxury travel as I was lucky enough to have a local American friend drive me all over in his own car. Using San Jose as a starting point, we drove to Fortuna, a very cool town, along the way passing small towns of Zarcero (awesome tropical topiary gardens), San Ramon, San Carlos.

A must see is Tabacon Hot Springs: Awesome thermal pools and waterfalls. Eye candy scale was a 10/10. I believe they have a resort there, with spa, etc. I never even took advantage of their spa facilities, as the hot springs were amazing. Remeber sliding down a natural slide into some hot springs and having a grand time! Great bar, restaurant, pool.

My friend lives on the Caribbean side, so we quickly drove through Limon (scary and ugly) down to Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo.

I heard from many travelers that Tortugeuro is very nice, lots of eco tourism and nature, wildlife, giant turtle nesting grounds. Would like to see that someday.


Arenal Lake and volcano
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I've traveled a bit to Costa Rica - both the Pacific and Caribbean sides (but not much in the middle). One interesting accommodation that may fall into the luxury category would be the suite made from the fuselage of a 727 at Costa Verde:

Enjoy your travels!
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Re: Costa Rica - 08/29/11 01:38 AM

Maybe a bit late. But I would like to second Tabacon

Our room was definitely luxury but it seems they have a range of rooms. But the big draw to this resort is free access to the hot springs next door (if you stay at another resort you need to get a ride to the springs and pay a small fee)

The water flows down the active Volcano (we could see it splash out magma at night) into pools they have made. Check out the pictures on the website.

We only spent 2 days in this area as there were not a ton of other things to do. The zip line tour was great, very pretty views as long as you are not afraid of heights. At some points its ridiculously high
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