My travel plans to Cayo and Caye Caulker. Tips?

Posted By: keithb7

My travel plans to Cayo and Caye Caulker. Tips? - 01/03/12 11:15 PM

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum here. I have been reading & learning a lot, in preparation for my family trip to Belize in March. I have some thoughts about travel and thought I'd post them here for some feedback and suggestions.

We arrive from Canada to Belize International Airport on a Sat. I was thinking of taking the chicken bus to get us to San Ignacio. I want my kids to experience typical central american bus travel. What's the best way to get from the airport to the bus depot without getting ripped off? I hear the taxis can be a little pricey.

Once in San Ignacio we are planning 4 days of adventures. Including the ATM cave, some horseback riding to a Mayan ruin, maybe some river canoeing to experience nature and hopefully see a monkey or two. I just figure we'll get up and head to a tour guide store and sign up for a trip, depending on the weather. Do you foresee a problem with this idea? Do I need to book in advance?

We are staying at Martha's guest house in San Ignacio. I am thinking I'd bring a fair bit of US cash and distribute it between the 4 of us. Also bring some traveler's cheques to cash at banks in San Ignacio when needed. I figure I'll need a fair bit of cash for all the excursions we're planing. Do you think I'll have any problems cashing traveler's cheques?

I figure we'll have, Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed for excursions. Thursday I was planning to catch an early bus to Belmopan. Then taxi to the Airport there. Jump on tropic air for a a quick flight to Belize City. Then a cab to the water taxi. A 30 min ride to Caye Caulker and we're there for Thursday afternoon. Stay 2 nights on CC. Sat morning get up early, take an early ferry back to Belize City. A cab to the airport. Our flight departs for home at 2:05 PM Sat.

It may sound a little hectic, but we're used to it. We like adventure and don't do well sitting around doing nothing in a foreign country. Our boys are 13 and 14, we'll be packing light, probably just a few back packs. We only have one week. The boys like adventure, that's why I chose the Cayo district. I like the ocean, and want to go fishing & snorkeling. That's why I chose C.C.

Answers to my questions, and any other comments appreciated. Thanks in advance. Keith

Posted By: Cooper

Re: My travel plans to Cayo and Caye Caulker. Tips? - 01/08/12 05:42 AM

The ATM tour is the very best, if you have to cut corners dont cut that out. It will be tricky to get to a bus to San Ignacio on the cheap.The bus is cheap but cab fares not so much from airport. If your flight comes in late afternoon you may not arrive in San Ignacio til 8 or 9 pm. You may want to walk across the airport parking lot and inquire at the Embassy Hotel. talk to John, it is a Christian Hotel, reasonable and I bet you they would deliver your family to the bus stop early in the morning. They serve a group dinner and show PG movies in the theater at night.
On your way up to Cayo, be sure to see the Belize Zoo. you can get on and off the bus on the Hwy. I am the director of the Humane Society here and dont much like zoo's, but this one is great. All kinds of animals your kids have never heard of.
They have express buses that leave San Ignacio in early morning. About 2 hrs to B.C. water taxi.For about $4.00 U.S. Dont spend the money to fly out of Belmopan, you may wait hours for a flight as knowone uses that airstrip much.
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