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Posted By: Stacey

Belize City to AC - 06/28/00 03:51 PM

We arrive in Belize City at around 2:30 in the afternoon -- will it be too late for us to catch a boat to AC that day? We were hoping to take the boat rather than flying. Thanks for your help!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Belize City to AC - 06/28/00 04:35 PM

I think it may be too late, i have the last ferry leaving at 3:00.

here's more detail: //

Thunderbolt, Andrea, Sea Escape, Tripel J, and The Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association are water taxis available to get you around Belize.. All leave from Swing Bridge except Sea Escape.

Thunderbolt Travels Mon-Sat (SPO-BZE 7AM, BZE-SPO 1PM) Sun (SPO-BZE 7AM, BZE-SPO 9AM)
Andrea Travels Mon-Sat (SPO-BZE 7AM, BZE-SPO 3PM)
Tripel J (BZE-SPO 9AM)
CCWTA Travels Mon-Sat (SPO-BZE 8 & 11AM, BZE-SPO 9AM)
Sea Escape leaves Bellevue Hotel at 4pm.
Fares stand at 25.00Bze one way and 50.00Bze round trip.
Fares from SPO-Caye Caulker and Vice Versa is 15.00Bze one way.
Children are 1/2 price.
Fares for St. Georges Caye is 25.00Bze one way...
For some operators, San Pedro fares are $45 round trip for same day travel only.

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Posted By: Stacey

Re: Belize City to AC - 06/28/00 09:33 PM

Thanks for the input! Do you have any additional information about the Sea Escape boat that you mentioned leaves at 4pm from the Bellevue Hotel(i.e. email/website/etc)? Is the Bellevue Hotel anywhere close to the airport? Also, how much does it cost to take a taxi from the airport to where most of the boats leave from, and how far is it?
I appreciate any help you can give, as we want to spend most of our time in AC and not be stuck in Belize City! Thanks again!
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