Traveler's Checks

Posted By: Jstifter

Traveler's Checks - 07/20/00 03:04 PM

Does anyone have an opinion or experience in regards to taking traveler's checks vs cash?? I prefer not to carry that amount of $$$ but also heard that traveler's check can be a hassle in AC. Thanks
Posted By: Stephi

Re: Traveler's Checks - 07/20/00 03:16 PM

Have traveled to AC since 1989 and have found no problem w/ travelers checks. Most of the hotels will gladly exchange them for you as needed. Most of the shops/restaraunts will take them. I have only ever used American Express checks, so do not know about other. It is good to also have some small denomination money also for tips on tours (which generally take travelers checks for payment also)and small purchases. Even though we have never had a problem, be safe and use the travelers checks for the bulk of your funds. Have fun and I hope that you get to see the rest of the country also.
Stephi G
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Traveler's Checks - 07/20/00 04:03 PM

Remember you must keep the travler's cheques
dry, if they get wet, can't spend them.
Posted By: nat

Re: Traveler's Checks - 07/20/00 06:57 PM

We used our credit card a lot--most restaurants and bars take them. But you do need cash for the super market, taxis and small places to eat like Ruby's.

Make sure you bring enough travelers checks or cash though b/c the ATM's are only for those who have a Belizian bank account.--nat
Posted By: Tammy

Re: Traveler's Checks - 07/21/00 12:46 AM

Just got back a week ago and had NO problems with travelers checks in AC-San Pedro and the other Islands--Cay Caulker, South Watercaye, ect.. Take them. Everyone takes them that we used them at. Shops, Resturants, ect...

Re: Traveler's Checks - 07/21/00 03:11 PM

Ditto...never had a problem with AmEx travelers checks in AC. I prefer to use the $50 denomination because it is easier for the locals to handle. You will also have no problem with bringing back a bunch of BZ$. They will redaily start to give you your change in US a few days before you leave if you ask.
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