Customs at Belize airport

Posted By: BeerBudget

Customs at Belize airport - 07/20/00 10:45 PM

I'm full of questions...but you guys are full of answers...

How long does it take to get through customs at the Belize Int'l airport? I need to know to book my transfer to AC. Thanks!!!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/20/00 10:54 PM

For us, about 15 minutes. It was quick. NOT like the 2 hour wait in line at the Cancun airport. What a nightmare!!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/20/00 10:58 PM

Customs moved fast for a full flight. Showing of Passport has several lines, one for locals and others for tourist. Inpsection of luggage was quick. We spent about 20 minutes, and we lost time due to being seated in the middle of aircraft, and was the last off, they unloaded thru the front and rear doors, but it still made us last in line at Customs. No problem tho.
I would say if you arrive at 3:55 book your hop to AC around 5:00
Posted By: Tammy

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 12:43 AM

We had the same thing happen to us as did Chloe. We wre in the middle of the plane and were the very last people to get through. We had brought some Parmalet boxed milk and they took it. The man said that we could get a permit there at the airport (customs) which we could see the door from where we were standing. My husband went into the door and the man that was waiting on us and told us that we could get this permit was the same man who went in the office too. Told my husband that we would have to go to Belize City to the Central Vet Lab to get the permit. Was a lot of BS! We left the milk (16 1-quart boxes). Had already paid duty for the milk. We figured they just wanted the milk. Got to San Pedro and they had the same exact milk at the grocery store. Was not happy. Just don't take any dairy product canned or boxed because you probably won't be seeing any of it again! Have fun!! The plane ride with Tropic Air was nice. Great view!

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 02:50 PM

Hey BB;

Maybe 30 min. tops for customs. Longest wait is for your luggage. Sometimes you can speed the wait in line for the Tropic flight by paying one of the porters right at the customs exit to take your bags (couple bucks). They will take your stuff to the front of the line and usually they will motion you up. Still no big deal. By the time we get to BZ we've ben on "island time" for two or three days. Get your tickect leave your return flight time "open" and go get a cold Belikin from Jet at the bar in the departure "lounge". When you get to SP don't be too overwhelmed by the sprawling T Air terminal. Your luggage may not even be on your flight. No problem. Hail a cab to your lodging ($4-5 US), fill the fridge with ice and chill out.

Depending on where you decided to stay, you can e-mail ahead and have them put a case of Belikin (about $18 US) in your fridge, and it will be cold when you arrive. We don't bother with anything, the handyman gets the bags, we unlock the door, grab a cold one in the kitchen and walk out to the porch and start drinking, and developing new life philosophies.

Where did you decide to stay?
Have fun
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 03:31 PM

I used to tell people to figure on an hour from landing at Belize airport to departure on Tropic or Island air. That gives you enough time to get through customs, immigration, get to the counter, etc.
Posted By: BeerBudget

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 03:36 PM

Thanks again for all your answers.

I decided to stay at the Sunbreeze after all. I wanted to be closer to town on my first trip to AC and the pool looks so nice there. I'll check out all the other hotels to see which one we'll be staying in next time. After listening to you guys for a couple of weeks, I know there will be a "next time," the only question is how soon...

I'll post when we return and give my two cents!!! Thanks again -- if everyone in AC is as nice as you guys, I know we'll have a great time!

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 03:45 PM


You WILL have a great time. Don't forget to do the BC'S BBQ thing Sunday afternoon/evening. It is right next door to the Seabreeze. If you do (and you should) find Charlene (she and her husband Bruce own it) and tell her that her Hoosier friends will be there in November for another "Better than Sex" birthday cake. She WILL know who you mean. She is one very sweet lady.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/21/00 10:07 PM

I had difficulty this time. I brought about 7 Seinfeld vcr tapes and 1 vcr tape of Two Fat Ladies British television cooking shows. The agent raised his eye brow and asked if the Two Fat Ladies tape was porno. I explained that it was a cooking show. The agent seemed unconvenced. He took my tape, after getting some of his buddies together to evaluate the tape. The five or so agents after a couple minutes, came out from the viewing room with disappointed faces. I gave him and nice smile.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Customs at Belize airport - 07/23/00 09:36 PM

Bill You are too funny for words. Love your tape story. The Sunbreeze was great for us, and we looked over other hotels, and I would definitely return to Sunbreeze. Location was great and next door to BC's BBQ on Sunday. Also just step across the street to Sunbreeze from the airport, and not taxi ride needed. Sunbreeze restaurant did not interest us at all, we went to all the other good ones, just short walks from the Sunbreeze, either on the streets or walking on the beach.
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