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Posted By: michael

travel to ac - 09/25/00 02:21 AM

as a total novice, i'm trying to set a vacation on ac. however, the pricing for airfare from indpls (at least online) is sky high. 2k. does this sound right?
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 02:27 AM

We just returned from AC on September 13th. Used a local travel agent who in turn used a consolidator(not sure how this works).We flew from Louisville,KY to Houston,then to Belize City for $665.00 per person(this price was round trip). Check around! Good luck, Mary
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 09:07 AM

we paid about $750 pp from phila r/t in august, but i know other people got better deals. do a search on this board. last month someone posted a good airticket site.
Posted By: jayhawk

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 02:03 PM

Purchased tickets from for uner $500 from Missori in January check them out.

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Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 02:45 PM

Since you are asking this question and from Indianapolis, I assume you are not an Ambassadair member. (Late October trip, 7 days, less than $450, airfare only). We go there 3-5x a year, mostly commericial from Indy. Send me your e-mail address if you'd like. TO: [email protected]
Posted By: Marty

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 03:06 PM

I've paid from 450 to 710 over many trips, NO WAY PAY 2000! Someone's a ripoff.
Posted By: Jenn

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 03:38 PM

I got got my tickets from for $376 (after tax and fees) They have tickets to Bleize every week, just search for Belize and start bidding!
Posted By: Cancienne

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 05:50 PM

Go to your favorite online search engine ( I like or Iwon) and search for "consolidators". That's what I did and found a better fare that way. Also, you can go to and use their farewatcher. You put in where you want to go, and they keep track of the best fares for you destination, and notify you when it goes up or down. It's a great tool that saves you from having to reput all info to check fares. Hope this helps!

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 10:46 PM

I paid 450$ from boston
Posted By: bigzeke

Re: travel to ac - 09/25/00 11:56 PM

Give Barbara a call, I promise you won't be sorry. Check out her webpage at
Posted By: Eva

Re: travel to ac - 09/27/00 04:24 AM

Hey Michael,
I don't know if they are still running their Web special, but my boyfriend and I got roundtrip tix. on American Airlines (on line) for $442 for November. It's worth a shot! I think. Good luck!!!! [Linked Image]

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