Golf Cart rental rip-off

Posted By: artisan

Golf Cart rental rip-off - 11/06/13 09:23 PM

Beware of Cristal Golf cart rentals, AKA S. P. Golf cart rentals which is written on the carts, along with a phone number that no one answers. (Not to be confused with Crystal in Belize city).
Waited a1/2 hour for a cart with dangerous leaking carburetor, rotten ignition wires that short out in the first puddle, and dead battery so you cannot get going again, once it eventually dries out.
Got stranded 2 miles over the bridge for 2 hours in noon-day sun, missed appointment, no refund, this is not bad customer service, this is no customer service.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Golf Cart rental rip-off - 11/07/13 12:18 AM

Not trying to be an ass but I thought most golf cart companies had a clause that said once you crossed the bridge you were on your own. Maybe things have changed since the "supposed" road upgrades (I went 2 miles North on Sunday in the pouring rain, not fun).
Posted By: artisan

Re: Golf Cart rental rip-off - 11/07/13 10:38 AM

The guy on Barrier Reef who took my cash was made aware of my destination and made no mention of being left on your own.
They took my credit card # also in case the cart was not returned.
I found a cell# finally on the paperwork that someone actually answered and was promised someone would be right there with a working cart or I could just get a refund as I had missed the appointment.
He then proceeded to ignore any further calls.
I had to cancel the credit card after a 2 hour wait for a 15 minute drive I had to lock the cart steering wheel and move on.
The main issue was the condition of the cart.
I have owned a few.
You must replace batteries that don't hold a charge, ignition wires that short out in puddles, and carburetors that spurt gas all over the engine.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Golf Cart rental rip-off - 11/08/13 02:58 AM

Just curious as to why you chose to rent from that particular compny in the first place?
Posted By: artisan

Re: Golf Cart rental rip-off - 11/08/13 09:11 AM

Was in a hurry and just walked north from the boat.
Some guy used to have carts right there, but was kicked off the main drag for taking up too much parking.
Should have walked one block further to Cholo's.
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