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Posted By: ldonald101

Flights from UK - 11/28/13 06:24 PM

What is the cheapest/easiest way to get to Belize from UK? I'd prefer not to go through USA. Is there direct flights or flights via Mexico then bus down?
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Re: Flights from UK - 11/28/13 07:58 PM

You should be able to get a flight from UK to Cancun Airport.

The easy way to Belize is to then change to the Tropic Air flight to Belize City (Belizean airline -- google it for schedules & fares).

Another easy way is to arrange for one of the transfer services to meet you at the airport and drive you in comfort to Belize. Expect a road trip of several hours. Or you could go to Chetumal with an ADO (Mexican bus company) express bus and have the transfer service pick you up there.

The cheaper way is to head to Belize by bus or water taxi.
First option...
Get the ADO overnight express bus from Cancun City bus terminal to Belize City.

Second option...
Go with an ADO express bus to Chetumal, and then continue to Belize by either a Belizean bus (old school bus) or by water taxi to Ambergris Caye. You might have to spend a night in Chetumal.

Have a look at the BelizeBus site for more details...
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Re: Flights from UK - 11/28/13 08:41 PM

Another option avoiding the US is taking the flight from London to Mexico City (BA) and then the flight to Chetumal (2 times daily). From there take a taxi to the boarder (10 minutes). As Mexican taxis usually don't enter Belize, you should take a Belize taxi from the boarder to Corozal (15 minutes travel time to the Corozal airstrip).
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Re: Flights from UK - 11/29/13 11:35 AM

I understand that there are no flights going in and out of Chetumal for now due to runway issues. You can also get direct flights to Cancun from other European cities. Check Air Berlin, Air France, Condor etc. I am flying Air Berlin from Munich to Cancun non-stop next month.
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Re: Flights from UK - 11/29/13 11:45 AM

It is still possible to book flights from Chetumal, even for next week, so perhaps it is open again. We love the Chetumal to Mexico City flight. Extremely reasonable and Mexico City is amazing.
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Re: Flights from UK - 11/29/13 01:24 PM

Thank you all. Went on skyscanner and all flights to mexico had stop overs in the US or Canada, do you have any links for direct flts? Would like to do Cancun then get the bus down and boat to San Pedro. Thanks again.
Posted By: Surendra

Re: Flights from UK - 11/29/13 02:20 PM

You can go to from Dusseldorf and Munich from madrid

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