Taxi in Belize City

Posted By: B4B

Taxi in Belize City - 05/09/14 01:21 AM

Can anyone recommend a taxi driver in Belize City?

Need to hire one from Municipal Airport in June for half a day of shopping and appointments. Also, what is the going rate as I have read they tend to take advantage of non-locals.

Would like to negotiate to keep same driver, if possible, for the entire time in the city. Thanks!
Posted By: Short

Re: Taxi in Belize City - 05/09/14 05:19 AM

There are many. When you fly to Municipal pretty much all of them there are good. Some are busier than others.

John Wade springs to my mind, but he has a lot of clients (not always available): 600 5512, others are: Spanish: 622 5618 or Gonzalo Heredia: 610 2008, Gerald: 600 5501, Tom (not sure if he's still there): 606 2947.

Rate, pretty much BZ 8 per ride now, BZ$ around 60 for half a day, please others, correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope this helps,
Posted By: EarlyOut

Re: Taxi in Belize City - 05/09/14 11:58 AM

Me and my friends call Gilbert at 604-4710. He's got a large roomy SUV and charges $20US per hour. He's great!
Posted By: B4B

Re: Taxi in Belize City - 05/10/14 12:57 AM

Thank you Short and EarlyOut. Info much appreciated! smile
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