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Vision Quest to Xibalba Tour - 09/30/14 11:10 AM

San Ignacio, Belize, September 29th 2014 Larry Waight Reporting:

Cahal Pech Village Resort, one of the largest hotels in San Ignacio Belize has just launched an intrepid cave tour called “Vision Quest to Xibalba.

According to Peter Tonti, Chief Executive Officer of the resort, the Vision Quest to Xibalba is a special tour to the fantastic cave site of Actun Halal in the Macal River Valley of Belize and will be hosted by professional archaeologist Cameron Griffith of Missouri State University.

“The experience is designed to be a low physical impact adventure for enthusiasts of all ages (age range 8-80 years old) and the focus of the tour is ancient Maya cave ritual as seen through their magnificent artworks in the cave,” says Griffith who has been studying and participating in different archaeological adventures for the past twenty-one years in Belize.

Actun Halal Cave resembles an open air art gallery and has a 30 foot high vaulted ceiling with two huge entrances flooding the cave with natural light. Guests will walk back and forth in this comfortable, dry cave on the compact dirt floor and examine closely the numerous unique works of art within this natural museum.

The cave is a 45 minute ride through the high jungles of Belize and there will be 5 Vision Quest Tours only, available from December 15-19, 2014. The maximum number of guests in the cave on this trip is 12 people and there will be one Land Rover and one licensed Belizean tour guide with a specialization in caves for every 6 guests.

“This trip is different from other cave trips in Belize, as the access is easy and the physical exertion is low. However, the level of excitement is quite high due to the many hidden works of art that are revealed to the guests one by one,” says Professor Cameron who describes the tour as a new approach to cave tourism in Belize.

Cahal Pech Village Resort is set amidst lush tropical gardens and is a perfect base to explore the ecotourism activities and tours in Western Belize. The resort offers tour packages or can prepare customized tours according to your interests.

For more information on the Vision Quest to Xibalba Tour, please visit the website or email [email protected]

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