Posted By: AFrydl

currency - 02/27/01 06:31 AM

Is it better to have Belize currency when we arrive from states? Is there a bigger rate of exchange there or in states? Thanks!!!
Posted By: Edd

Re: currency - 02/27/01 06:39 AM

Just use US bucks. No need for BZ.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: currency - 02/27/01 05:19 PM

US currency is accepted everywhere. so are American Express traveler's checks. We were never turned away. Not even once. You'll get your change back in mostly BZ currency. Just remember 2BZ to 1US. If you happen to go to Guatamala, DON'T get a lot of Guatamalan currency. I couldn't change it anywhere on the island and got stuck with it. I was pretty pissed as it equaled about $50 of US currency. I could have had a very nice meal with that money. What's worse... My bank at home was going to charge me almost that amount in fees to change it to US currency!!! Go figure. So we were out $50! I don't know about you, but $50 buck is 50 bucks!!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: lances

Re: currency - 02/27/01 07:09 PM

US$ are accepted everywhere on AC. You will get BZ$ change back. 2 BZ$ to 1 US$. If you do a little planning, you won't have to change much BZ$ when you come back to the US. Remember to hold out $40 BZ for each person for departure taxes and some for tips at the airport (depending on your baggage). We used the last of our Belize money on breakfast at the airport and last minute goodies at the gift shop.
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