Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l

Posted By: BelizeWed

Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l - 03/26/01 11:49 PM

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I know flying from the Municipal airport it is MUCH cheaper than flying from Belize City to SanPedro through the International airport.

SO - has anyone gone through the municipal airport and if so - How hard is it to do this??? How much cost, Time, hassle is it??

Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l - 03/27/01 08:58 AM

if you are coming from the states, take the island hop from tropic or myan air from the internaional airport... If not take the island from municipal airport, it is cheaper, but what a ride.!!!!!! Rick
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l - 03/27/01 09:26 AM

Not worth the hassle in my opinion. You save a little money but have to cab over to Municipal. If you are new to Belize City, I would not consider it if I was you. By my math it only makes sense if you have four or more. But of course what do I know. I failed math in High School. Spelling too as is obvious. When you finally get to Belize and have Ambergris as your destination you will want to get there and get settled. Messing with the taxis and the bull pucky you are sure to find will not be your best option. I'm always tired and ready to get to San Pedro as fast and easy as possible. My advice for what it is worth is take the first Tropic flight to San Pedro and eat the small difference in cost.
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l - 03/27/01 05:23 PM

What about the water taxis to AC? I've heard it's about a 1 1/2 hr ride for only $12.50pp. Has anyone used this? I love the water, and figure I might be pretty sick of planes by the time we get to Belize...water taxi might be fun, and a hell of a lot cheaper! Do they have beverages on board? A couple of beers on the boat...I'm in heaven!
Posted By: deano

Re: Flying to AC through Municipal or Int'l - 03/27/01 06:04 PM

We use the water taxi a lot when we go to ambergris.. about 25.00bz takes about 1 hr (Thunderbolt) a bit longer for the others (Andrea,J&J etc) All leave from the swing bridge area.. The last one leaves at 3;00 so may not work with your arrival time. Its a nice ride, but if you want a beer you have to bring your own. have a fun trip
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