exchange rate

Posted By: BillandJeanne

exchange rate - 05/02/01 03:21 AM

Can anyone tell us what is the exchange rate in AC?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 03:30 AM

2 belize $ to 1 us $
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 03:49 AM

yup, and they take us dollars too. and plastic at many restaraunts. we never had any problem.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 04:01 AM

Hey Jane!
How goes it?
Posted By: swayflo

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 04:31 AM

I'm assuming that most of the dive shops take plastic. If I'm wrong please correct me, because I'm planning on a lot of my trip being charged.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 04:50 AM

No problem!
I would actually call the cards you be using so they are aware that you are going to CA. Otherwise you could have some hang ups...... with those computers, calling...
Pretty much same as other trips elsewhere. NO PROBLEM!
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 08:42 AM

To try to gain face in this group (after bad mouthing AC about my trip report, mostly diving) I will offer what I found out there (first time there), seems all of the folks who go there don't know this, other wise they would tell you. If you go to the bank and exchange your US travels checks in for their money they will give you two Belize for one US, BUT, with some small fees for the transaction and some bull paper work, and depending on the time of day a long wait in line or waiting for the bank to open as they are taking a siesta. But if you want to get a few extra bucks more, you can go across the street from one of the banks to the Western Union Office and get a slighty better exchange rate of $2.06 Belize to $1 US and NO FEES (as of 4/3/01 but could change according to the markets), not a huge difference, but enough to buy a local beer or two, but depending how much you exchange, and they have better hours of operation.

It is best if you exchange your money to thiers, I am NOT saying the locals will rip you off, but thier money looks alike and a funny exchanged bill could make it into your hands and you would not catch it, I feel this way because we were aproched by at least three different street huslters in the evening hours. Even though the police do not wear guns that does not mean there are not any crimes against the tourests, they are out at night. So be carefull.

This is 'off topic' but for those who did not like my trip report I may have a thing or two to help you stubborn AC travels out on your travels, but I can only wonder if you would ever go anyplace else.

First is exchange rates.
Second and third just ask,
but leave a email address.

[email protected]
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:06 AM

I think next time, you should do your research,,, We research Belize 1 year before we went and bought books, etc... You have to remember it's a 3rd world country and not a country club.. I'm sorry your dives didn't go great, but you seemed to have it out for Belize,,, If you don't like it don't go back...We love it there and we have alot of great friends there both on the back side and the front side.. Anything that happens on the island, it's been done up here in the states 1000 times over..... don't mean to be so upfront with you all, but what do you think, when you go on vacation or holiday, that these things don't happen... Should of done your research!!!! Sorry, Rick
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:11 AM

And about the exchange rate,,,, You can get you money exchange if nessarry by the hotel with no charge and if you need Traveler checks exchange go to Estel's,, He'll do it... Like I said if you do your research you would know...... Also everyone on the island takes, US dollars... ?????? Sorry so being such a butt, but this guy has my goard now.... You'll be fine, Rick
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:12 AM

If you would like to email me do it at [email protected] Thanks, Rick
Posted By: Wendy

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:15 AM

It is frequently said that you will NOT get the best exchange rate at the banks. You get 2 to 1 anywhere else (hotels, restaurants, even the street vendors). Yes, you may get a few more cents on the dollar across the street from the Belize Bank -- but it really isn't necessary to have to do this.
The folks who love Belize KNOW that there are other places to travel to but for their own reasons have chosen THIS place.
Your opinion is accepted. Accept theirs...
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:36 AM

You know you don't have to bring those kind of words here on the message board... We have alot of kids read this board.. And am offended that you could type that.... Please edit your reply.. Thanks.... I did read your reply... And still thinking you should of done you research.. As far as that I will not reply to you no longer.. Take care and God bless you!!!!! Rick
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:59 AM

I don't always have the time to do the needed research. Some of my trips are spur of the moment, this one was booked two weeks before we left.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 10:09 AM

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 10:12 AM

So, whats the question??
Posted By: Axeman

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 01:41 PM

hmmm....some folks just don't get it....oh is good eh Rick? The locals would just smile and move on...sounds like a plan.
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 02:16 PM

Idaho - SURELY you have figured out this group by now!?
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 03:21 PM

Idaho???Isn't that where they grow POTATOES? I'm sitting here thinking "what's the big deal? You could have just brought US $$ and spent it and exchanged nothing!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out 2 to 1 C
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 04:42 PM

I hate to be confrontational, but I have to agree R&C. The exchange in money was virtually a "non issue" (just like sea grass). No, I did not go with travelers checks, but my cash was always accepted EVERYWHERE, and usually change was given in BZ. The local people have become very adept at exchanging money and are glad to do it.

As for the comment about being confronted by local "huslers", I have to tell you.....I never once felt threatened or uncomfortable by my environment. Honestly, I went there feeling that I would have to be more guarded than I ever had to be, even late at night. I was told that I was lovely and beautiful everyday by local men on the street, but it was never bothersome or offensive, it was a "hello beautiful" in passing. No one EVER pursued me to sell anything when I said a simple "no thank you". The "in you face" threatening behavior was exhibitited far more by rowdy soldiers and extremely intoxicated Americans.

If anything, I saw a lot of disrespectful behavior of tourists towards locals, be it aggressive behavior of soldiers towards local women (this got so bad one night they were kicked out of Fido's) or Americans being agitated over intermittent electricity on a few occasions (since when do you need electricity to enjoy a few drinks in balmy weather?).

As was mentioned before, this is not a country club resort and if you can't chill with the pace of things there, perhaps the island is not a place for you (I don't mean this in a hostile way at all). I know I'm simply repeating the general sentiment, but I regard Ambergris Caye as a very special, unique, warm, comfortable, happy island. My experience there was extremely positive and I can't wait to go again-- thank you Axeman for making my daydreams that much more colorful- I was right there again!
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 05:46 PM

On the exchange of money, ID do you trust what the bartender is pouring you?? well i was told that they will also exchange your greenery. seems to me if you're a spur of the moment kinda guy, you've learned to be resourceful and ask around. now don't get me going on this again; i've FINALLY had 80 degree weather, but guess what.. it's friggin snowing!!! anyone who knows me or has waded thru my seagrass (ty AC) and weather related posts, knows that snow doesn't make me a happy happy girl!! before i let loose, i'll leave this untouched.......
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 05:51 PM

uh oh..... Rick, you said kids read dis here board?!?!?? i think a few of us, heck more than a few, are gonna be in some trubble!!!!! Marty must still be outta town, cuz we still have access here!!! lol.....
Posted By: Punta Rebel Girl

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 07:16 PM

Ac Beach bum, I probably miss all those compliments the local guys give everyday more than anything. What a boost for ones ego huh? And they were so polite about it, and like you said, they never made you feel like you were being harrassed or stalked, just very friendly. I sure miss hearing that everyday, no matter how lousy I look. [Linked Image]
Punta Rebel Girl
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 08:11 PM

OK. I've been using the board for only a few weeks now but I have to comment on what's going on between certain individuals.

Firstly, everyone is entitled to their opinion. An opinion is neither right or wrong, but it should be respected (not necessarily accepted). And please, I'm not trying to be condescending in any way. This is simply a train of thought and concern.

There are those who will defend AC to the end, no matter what. And "kudos" to them. They accept the place for what it is; and everything it is. I happen to be one of those type of people that love to visit 3rd world areas. It's challenging, humbling, etc. Like many have said, nothing happens there that hasn't happened in the States. And there's nothing that shouldn't happen there than in the States. It's a group of different peoples living in a place. There's gonna be a lot of variables at play.
No one can control the people, weather or water in AC on any given vacation.

But I am also the type of person who respects anyone's opinion on anything. Agree? That's another thing. I'm not saying that anyone here hasn't done that. Just a general statement...not that anyone cares. No biggie. Alongside those people who will defend a place to the end, there are those people who don't care for and will never go back to those same places. It's just a matter of the type of person you are and the experiences you've had in those places. Someone "badmouthing" a place you love is hard to swallow...granted. And someone challenging you because you've said something against what they consider paradise is also hard to swallow. Some of you have had repeated, wonderful experiences in AC; some haven't. End of chapter, turn the page.

These statements seem so obvious. But based on what's been going on, I'm a little concerned. My personal opinion (there's that 4-letter word again!) is that this board is not the platform for arguing and challenging. It's suppose to be fun, informative, exciting...I love what it has to offer; good and bad. But when I see stuff like this being posted, it makes me not like it so much. And that's such a shame. "If you don't like it, don't read it". Right? I did stop reading it. At least the post that had to do with ID and his/her dilemna. But when references to that particular post start popping up all over the board, on many different posts to do with many different subjects, how can you avoid it but just stop reading altogether? I'm sure BillandJeanne didn't appreciate their simple post on exchange rates turning into a platform for this continued, silly combativeness. They just wanted to know about exchange rates, for gosh sakes! Do you think they'll ever want to post again? They probably didn't even know what this broo-ha-ha was all about!

Chasing people away from the board is kinda defeating the purpose, don't ya think? I especially didn't care for the profane reference. Sorry, Idaho. I support you on everything but that. Thanks for trying to save face even though you didn't have to.

Everybody is welcome on the board. I feel great for the people with great happenings and bad for the people with the bad. Period. I personally want to hear the good and the bad about anything.

I think that this particular little battle needs to end now. Quit contaminating everyone's posts with this stuff. If anyone really feels that they need to talk it out or whatever, how 'bout you do it on personal email? Not here. Certain people are acting the very opposite of the reason they love AC. "Go with the flow", right? Let it go. I want to keep reading and participating in the conversations and lessons held here, as I'm sure does everyone else who visits.

Sorry for the longwindedness. I just hate to see a good thing tainted. Doesn't it happen enough? Let's keep this our haven, guys. OK?

[email protected]

P.S. Bill and Jeanne. Sorry to had to see all this stuff. If this was your first time posting, I hope it's not the last. Have a wonderful trip. This board has been my Bible for planning my trip. A great education in every aspect. Let it be yours, too.
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 08:13 PM

I think all of us need to be a little less judgemental. Not taking sides here but I think anyone, if they feel they are being somewhat attacked (we all have the right to feel and believe they way we chose) will react back. I know I would. So if this AC spirit is so strong, I'm sure it's also forgiving. So, lets close our eyes, feel the sun shining down with that wonderful tropical breeze on our faces and feel the sand between our toes and reach deep inside ourselves and find that spirit. {{{Hugs}}}
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Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 08:21 PM

For all my lady friends on this board: HELLOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!
I don't think any of ya could look lousy if ya tried....and I say that only knowing what a couple of you look like. MORE IMPORTANTLY, it's knowing you from your posts that makes you all that much more attractive. One gets a feeling that you all have very big hearts with a lot of warmth, love, and generosity to give. We love ya!
As for the rest of this thread...everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's foolish to believe that all the thousands who visit AC are going to fall in love with the place...the odds are against it, and I guess we should be thankful...we don't want EVERYBODY to return! But poo-pooing AC on this message board is like cheering for the Raiders at Mile High Stadium...yer gonna get slammed! So I guess it's all to be expected. I think Idaho was just trying to provide a different point of view, and I, for one, appreciate hearing from both sides.
Posted By: Punta Rebel Girl

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:00 PM

Hello handsome,(that's you Over 40.) Didn't really hear the ladies doing that in SP, but we could start a trend right? We are an equal opportunity kind of group right? Thanks for the compliments by the way! [Linked Image]
Punta Rebel Girl
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/02/01 09:08 PM

well said, everyone. i guess the post with the bad words was deleted, as i didnt see it. (drat!)

we brought t-checks our first visit, but didn't bother the next. don't need 'em. anyplace we wanted either took plastic or US cash. no rip-offs anywhere. we were never approached by any shady characters either. (yes, punta girl - i too even got whistled at for the first time in 10 years!).

yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, that's what makes the world go 'round. my own husband doesn't have the feelings for AC like i do, but i'll work on that next year [Linked Image] !
Posted By: bigmommachris

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 12:02 AM

shaygray-finally, someone with brains, common sense, and class-you go girl! to bill and jeanne-we used US cash, travelers checks, and credit card. only used credit card for major expense-diving. had no problem. have a nice trip!
Posted By: BillandJeanne

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 03:21 AM

Well! That was certainly exciting!

Haven't seen anything like that since I left work 4 hrs. ago! LOL!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 04:09 AM

[Linked Image] we are kinda exitable!!

[This message has been edited by janeinPA (edited 05-02-2001).]
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Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 04:11 AM

Seems I've been given the boot. That is fine with me, but I would like to know what it was about my post about the 'exchange rate' that seemed to get everybody teed off?

I also want to say this board shows censorship at its finest. As far as I know the only person that seen that one word I used asked me that I remove it, which I did.

I also wonder just how long this post will last, I see my trip report I posted a while back has disappeared into cyberspace.

Again, censorship at its finest
Posted By: denverdan

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 05:12 AM

Ya know ID, it seems (as much as I know... which is not much) you have to read what you write before you do the post thing.
I read your post once, got a bit riled, went away, read it again, it was better, and again, and it was really O.K.
This is my first message board, and I AM a bit sensitive. The denverdan man (husband) found this site and I never wrote on the board for about 4 months, I just kept reading and reading. and lol, lol. Learning about AC, where to go, what to see type things, ya know vacation!! Then Keith hit and the regulars just caught my heart. Tradgey.... brought me to start to write here.
Now it's like I have all these new friends... OH MY GAWD, MY NEW FRIENDS ARE REALLY WIERD..LOL...
I do know, true friends in life... lucky to have a handfull at most. But geeze MEET, GREET, THE WATER THING LIKE MOM AND DAD ALWAYS SAID, HAVE FUN, GIVE AND ENJOY! I must say, most regs on the board would probably give you anything, if ya only asked. (PS. REGS.... need some cash for fundraisers??) O.K. lets see.........!?!??
Anyway, I know I would do it for them. It's a deep in your heart feeling thing.
Ya know.... your wife has it! I remember her post and she wasn't even there .
CALM....... chit chatt with her, and bring her soon on you next trip!
You are welcome here on this board! If I am DUH!
P.S. Our e-mail is messed, but I can get mail from my daughters. [email protected]
PPS... do ya think your bad men could have thought you were with a girl friend... instead of your daughter? It happens with my husband and daughter a bit.
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 10:13 AM

Hi Idaho. You might be right on that censorship thing. Cuz I sure never saw anything that you wrote that should have been cut.
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 10:19 AM

Censorship? Aside from your crude remarks, (I only know this because of what people are complaining about) that are qite obviously missing, was your report also bounced? Funny, I haven't searched for it but I did originally read it a number of times. If, you are correct, and it has been removed then I agee, that is wrong. My personal opinion is that you missed out on an excellent life opportunity. (it is apparent that you are also noting something or you would not be hanging around) Regardless, I think it is inappropriate for negative opinions to be removed from the board.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 03:06 PM

Yes my trip report was pulled also, try and find it.

Notice the username has changed a bit, go find the one without the underscore, notice the 'unregistered' and no 'who' option to check the users profile, and I did not do that.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 03:09 PM

Maybe time to lighten up a bit. I too reread IDs original posting a few times, and formed a picture of someone who "lives to dive" that came to AC, and due to weather and serendipity, had a bummer dive experience. It happens. It's happened to most people. I also saw some positive strokes. Personally, I don't live to dive, it is just one of the things I do. If this same thing happened to me, I would vent also. Now, if I got back to shore and there was a shortage of Belikin or lobster, there is something that would set me off. Life is a smorgasbord, and vacations even more so. Don't spend all of your time at the salad bar, but if that's someone elses bag, so be it.
I did not find Belize to be the divers Mecca that is advertised in the magazines, but, I did find something else. A bunch of things, that will keep me coming back. For what it's worth.
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 03:57 PM


I did notice that your former username had an unregistered next to it. I thought you did that as a result of all of the "passionate" replies your post evoked. I'm sorry if your trip report was censored. I'm sure I've said one thing or another here to offend someone, as it is so very easy to post something and submit without thinking.

However, here is what I found a bit hostile about this exchange rate post (to answer your question). You made reference to the long lines you waited in because of workers probably “taking siestas". I didn't think this was very nice, and had an accusatory tone to it.

Also, I thought that the remark about "just because police don't carry guns doesn't mean crimes against tourists don't happen. …..they are out at night, so be careful”. You just made it sound like there were people lurking in every corner to harass you. The crime issues has been addressed many times over, and almost everyone has commented that relative to other islands the crime there is low. Did anyone hurt you or take something from you? If not, I feel that the reference was kinda unnecessary.

I agree wholeheartedly with Shay and others who have expressed the point that everyone is entitled to an opinion. On the other side of that, if your opinion is meant to be mean spirited or offensive, people here will jump on that. As stated by Hope and other regular people on this board, there is an abundance of kindness and generosity here, so angry face posts will ALWAYS elicit some kind of response.
Posted By: shaygray

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 04:44 PM

As general as I tried to stay in my lengthy reply yesterday, I owe Idaho some clarification as well as some others.

Idaho, you asked what is was you said. The only thing I didn't care for (referred to as a "profane reference" yesterday) was the " can kiss my .....". Not good. I also thought the "obviously you can't read so I'll type slower" was a little uncalled for no matter what anyone said to tick you off. I don't blame you, somewhat, but sometimes you just need to be the better person, you know?

I think that fact that your original post was "pulled" is absolutely wrong! If that's the case, then there are plenty more that need to be pulled as well. Nothing else you said upset me. I repeat, nothing. Your opinion.

I , personally, have not "booted" you off the board. I wouldn't blame you abandoning it, though. But who am I to do that anyway? No one is in that position, I wouldn't think. Unless, of course, you've been totally out of control, which you haven't. In fact, there have been plenty of others just as bad if not worse in this particular case.

I appreciate your candidness about your
trip. It's too bad you had such a terrible experience. I wouldn't consider some of the things you referenced as terrible. But that's me. Different strokes, right?

As far as the fact that you'll probably hear rebuttal saying something bad about AC on this board...Well, I have some feeling about that as well. Yes, you will hear it. I think people get hurt hearing bad things about things they love. Maybe rebuttals are a way to let you see the good side...the fact that what you experienced was perhaps an isolated incident. But to get slammed...well, that's just wrong. There are tactful ways of rebuting. I haven't seen much of that tact, to be honest, on several individuals part. Sorry everyone! This only applies to this one post, mind you. I've seen nothing of this sort anywhere else on the board and the same people were involved. I was a little taken aback by the hostility myself.

This is a message board. Not a "say only good things" message board or "say only bad things" message board. This is not any one person or group of persons message board. For the people who love AC (I'm one of you!), I don't think you'd like to hear someone slamming you, would you? We're just the people who see the good things in a different light than others. We'll never understand the people who don't. But to tell them they're wrong in their feelings and how they're expressing it, well.....

It's not a personal attack. It seems that's how people took it. I think that feelings and whatnot were portrayed a bit "over the edge" on everybody's part. Shame on us.

I hope I haven't angered anyone with my ramblings. If I did, I apologize. It's just that I hate seeing this kind of stuff. I'm a lover; not a fighter. I'm sure the wonderful people of AC would appreciate the defense as well as the honesty and candidness. That's just the type of people (in general) that they are. But based on the type of people they are, I think they might also be a little disappointed in how we've handled it. Just my opinion.

Love what you love for why you love it. Dislike what you dislike for why you dislike it. Doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, really. It's all good!!

Now let's hope I don't break any bones jumping down from this somwhat oversized soapbox!

Posted By: swayflo

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 04:51 PM

Posted By: Debbie

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 07:50 PM

I agree Shay! You have expressed this very well.
One more quick point. I know the locals and San Pedranos read this board as well. If everything is sugar coated, that's nice, but not realistic. If there is a problem that the tourists have noticed I think it would be to their ADVANTAGE to know what's not right and have the opportunity to correct it. If the owners of these businesses don't know about it, how can they fix it? They are in the tourist business right? Although I don't agree with slamming and being rude, I don't see anything wrong with good old fashioned honesty.
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 08:31 PM

It is apparent that many of us do not think that the Trip Report thread should have been removed. Is it possible to get it back up?

There are times that posts should be taken off and there are posters that should be bumped, however, this is not one of those times.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 08:39 PM


I still have it on my computer, you think I should repost it and if so where (new thread or here on this one)
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 08:50 PM

Idaho Diver, quite frankly I don't know the answer to your question. The reason I think it should be put up again, was because there was value in the whole thread. Just posting your trip report again, only has the same value if we all respond as we did the first time around.

Therefore, I guess my answer is in reality, No, I do not think there is value in reposting your trip report.

I believe that the orginal thread should be reinstated if possible. If that is not possible then what would be best is to learn from this. It is NOT always appropriate to remove that with which we do not agree.
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 08:55 PM

Hey folks. This is America - freedom of speech and all of that. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and it is their opinion, whether you think it is valid or not. Chill.
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/03/01 08:59 PM

I might add, that you also learned something, didn't you Idaho Divers? You learned that you may have short changed yourself by not enjoying your vacation more, but also, that it surely doesn't pay to get too vituperative on this board. :^)

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 12:26 AM

All I can say is WOW!!! I hope you people relax when you do hit the beach. After 38 foreign countries and all 50 US states, I enjoy AC more than most. If you want Utopia folks, it ain't out there. There is good and bad in everywhere and everything. The best thing I've learned is to make the most out of where you are while you are there and live every day like it's your last one.
Posted By: shaygray

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 01:04 AM

I need a beer....or something!!
Posted By: cajunflo

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 01:30 AM

Why can't we all just get along???
Posted By: Bobber

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 02:12 AM

I think we should tackle a subject all of us can get hot about.

Posted By: Axeman

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 02:31 AM

I agree..I really want a belikin right now!!!...this american pee pee water is nasty...Please forgive my foul words marty..
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 04:18 AM

we have a couple in the frig!!!! ha ha ha and sand to stick your toes in. bring a couple back w/you next time!! know it's the coconut rum that i miss...straight up!!! c
Posted By: crawfish

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 06:45 AM

Hey axeman, if you don't like the "american pee pee water' taste of beer, just add it to the Corona you like and you will be happy.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 07:22 AM

For rickcheri,if you are so concernd about the young kids why didn't any of you self righteous folks respond to this post?

"i am a young teen almost 14 and going to belize with my dad. where or what is there to do in the evenings that we can both enjoy? Also, are there any kids out there my age going the first week of April?"

That was my daughter who asked that question, seems you and most all others only care about getting drunk and what ever else your likes like to do. So don't give me the children are watching, you are getting my goat!!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 08:53 AM

Sigh. Idaho, you continue to endear yourself to us.

Not everyone reads the board all of the time and those that have children her age may not have seen your daughter's post. That is unfortunate.

Myself, I wouldn't have replied because I do not know what there is for children her age or if there were going to be any other children her age there. I've seen a lot of parents and kids going to the ice-cream shop and at Fido's but if there is anything else special to do in the evenings. . . I dunno.

That doesn't mean I didn't care about her question, I just didn't have any answers for her.

Now then, just because some people enjoy a Belikin or a Belizean rum drink from time to time when on vacation, does not mean that all they care about is getting drunk. It's all just part of the package. Now are you going to tell us that not only are you all about dive, dive, dive but you didn't even try one Belikin while you were in SP?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 10:23 AM

You may be right about what you said, but I seem to remember that most of the folks are conserned about the local beer, food, and another beverage called 'pantie rippers', so if a guy is protesting about what I said, a three letter word starting with A and ending with S, the moderator better get his thinking straight. You guys can talk about, thongs, topless beaches, no tanlines and alike, or the punta which sounds like a one on one belly dance. I don't need a lesson on morals, but many of the members of this board does.

To tell the truth I did drink a local beer or two.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 01:31 PM

I just miss the taste of Belikin...was trying to be funny...guess that one flopped...

For the record, we are not a bunch of drunks, and you sir are a miserable excuse of a human being..please go find an AOL chat room where children like yourself can spit venom...The entire point of this message board is being lost here! There is nothing anyone can say to satisfy you..I now understand why the DM called you a snob...I hope you take mendi's offer of online counseling, it appears you have some deep rooted anger issues that need to be addressed. The world does not revolved around you.
Please except my apology in advance for all the wrongs the world has bestowed upon you.

I have tried up until now to stay out of this thread....I refuse to sit by and let the new visitor get the wrong idea. In a perfect world everyone would have a great time in AC...
If I had come to AC and this message board to be catered to, fawned over, and served, I would have left as I came...unhappy and good fortune was that I left all my preconceived idea's at home and allowed the people here and in AC to change me...for the good.

This will be my last post along theses lines, it's makeing me ill....
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 02:46 PM

Axeman...wonderfully said!! For ID...if you disliked AC and your diving experience, exchange rate attitude etc..WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING BACK HERE? Surely there is a website of someplace that you find special??? GO THERE! Pick an arguement w/another island..for as i told u before, you cannot take away from us ANYTHING that we came back with from AC. Everything was so simply in the beginning of this thread....spend your american $$$ problem! If you didn't like the diving....don't go back! I wonder..are you in your heart, is your heart in you??? C
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 02:50 PM

oh don't want to get "my goat", none of us are self righteous! Getting my goat is "The Wrath of Cheri!" please don't get me started, and if you choose to, not on this board! Do it privatly, it's no secret what our email address is! C
Posted By: shaygray

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 03:33 PM

I tried to make peace (heavy sigh). May I say again "I need a beer". Or a coconut rum (straight up), or a fruity drink, or.....

I'm curious about this Belikin, though. I live and hang out in a very ecclectic (sp? Gimme a break.....I'm sleepy!) neighborhood in Dallas. There's this one little place I go to (right across the street from my loft; too convenient)...reminds me of Europe. Everybody gets together to chat, read a paper, play chess, listen to some funky, ambient music, etc. As far as beers go, they only serve Belgium ales and such. What does Belikin compare to, if anything? I plan on finding out in June, but a little friendly chit-chat on this thread couldn't hurt! Yikes!! Sharon
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 04:26 PM

Punta Rebel Girl....thank you! In the midst of all this crap...a little kindness going both ways couldn't hurt! I think your suggestion is an excellent one (besides, my Over_40_Ego needs all the help it can get!) [Linked Image]
Posted By: AC Beach Bum

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 04:59 PM


That place you described sounds like my type of hang! I love ambient music, but it's mostly found at loud nightclubs here and not chill little bars- dance music and chess sounds neato.

I never ever drink beer, (hate the fizz) but the Belikin and it's smooth taste was very enjoyable. I'm with Axe-- I got a huge kick out of the ritualistic napkin on the bottle thing. I'd compare it to a light beer, like an Amstel-- but I'm an amateur beer drinker. I'm a panty ripper expert, though.

Pirate-- HELLO HANDSOME!! I liked your comment. Now can you say it with an enchanting Belizean accent??
Posted By: Axeman

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 06:05 PM

About the closest beer a a light Sam Adams..but better...I also seemed to feel less affected the next day..not that I drink alot... Don't want you all thinking I'm a lush!!!!! I enjoy diveing too much to get hammered.
Finally figured out why they put the napkin on there...the salt air rusts the cap while in transit from the mainland...
Posted By: shaygray

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 06:37 PM

AC, Well, if you're ever in Dallas.....

I'm not much of a beer drinker, either. But there's a couple of the ales I can drink once in a while. My favorite is Maredsous. Packs a punch, though! Highest alcohol content you can find in a beer/ale. Like I said, living across the street is way too convenient!

So, where exactly is this napkin on the bottle, anyway?
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 07:51 PM

I got a case of Belikin waiting in my room upon my arrival tomorrow afternoon!!! Every dog has its day. Yahooooo!

Posted By: Chloe

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 07:51 PM

So we have now explained the Topic "Exchange rate", by this I see it is TWO PAGES.
Be Happy.
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 08:58 PM

AC...Thank you, Beautiful!!!! I'm better with the pirate accent, but for a panty ripper like yourself, I'll try anything!!! [Linked Image]
Posted By: shaygray

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 09:10 PM

Cloe, Yep! We've beat this one to death! Time for a new thread, perhaps?
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: exchange rate - 05/04/01 10:03 PM

Idahoe Diver......I did not get a chance to read your post/trip report. I would like to.
Can you email it to me at [email protected] ?


I think this topic has worn out it's welcome and all views...good or bad have been said more than once.

Not everyone that comes to Belize is looking for the same experience....and not everyone that comes......leaves with the same feelings about this country.

We DO have a right, each of us, to form our own opinions and those opinions are based on what we have experienced.

If Idaho did not have an optimal experience.....and I'm sorry about that....then he has a right to voice his/her opinions in an accurate manner.

Not every visitor will go home with a glowing report about Ambergris Caye. The majority love it....but there are those that it is not especially suited for. In other just ain't their cup of tea.
Nothing wrong with that..and I take no offense whatsoever.
Same way as I wouldn't enjoy....visiting Pakistan....just not my cup of tea.

I'm closing this thread before it becomes 4 pages long....LOL. If you still want to discuss this issue...maybe Idaho could post his email and you can discuss it in that way.

Thanks everybody.... [Linked Image]


"Takes all kinds to make the world go 'round"
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