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Posted By: Pier

wedding travel - 05/07/01 06:24 PM

Hi all,
we're going to have our honeymoon @ AC (resort still to decide: mata chica, ramon's).
Is really an amazing island, or is a common caribbean, with normal beaches/places we can find also in Mexico or Cuba or ... ? what about sounds, atmosphere, emotions one could have ?
Posted By: margarita

Re: wedding travel - 05/08/01 11:00 PM

If you read this board then you will know that it is an amazing island to many of us!
I'm not sure what you mean by common caribbean. In fact it is very different from much of the Caribbean, it is close to the mainland and it has a barrier reef protecting the shore, so the waves and the water tend to be calm and shallow close to shore. It is an English speaking Country. No High Rise Hotels at all. AC is not known for its beaches, but it is tropical - sun, sea and sand no problem.

The houses and lifestyles of the natives may look like the houses and lifestyles of other Caribbean islands.

Mata Chica is up North across the river - fewer people, more isolated and natural.
Ramon's is right in town and near all the action, music, eateries and drinkeries.

There is the Pier Lounge with the Chicken Drop on Wednesday nights!
Belize it!
Posted By: Pier

Re: wedding travel - 05/28/01 09:52 AM

Thanks Margarita,
So, I decided to have my wedding travel to AC. Looking forward my best accomodation...
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