Driving to Mexico? Insurance now mandatory

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Driving to Mexico? Insurance now mandatory - 06/22/18 05:47 PM

Since last Friday, Belizean drivers entering Mexico have had to take out third party insurance policies for the duration of their trip there. This requirement has been in the making for at least three years, but it has become mandatory and enforceable by Mexican law. Hence, since last week, Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation have been on Route 186 bear the entrance to Mexico checking for vehicular insurance.

The laws are part of standard international procedure and form part of a bilateral agreement between Belize and Mexico which deals with International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation. Our two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on this in October of 2017.

Mexican authorities have assured that no fines will be charged during inspections of Belizean drivers and vehicles, but by Friday, all vehicles and drivers engaging in international cargo and passenger service, must have the proper registration, license and current insurance to drive in Mexico. Motorists can purchase third party insurance from an office near the border, and the insurance can be had from as short a duration as a day, but if you travel to Mexico frequently, purchasing the yearly policy might work out cheaper for you. Prices vary, depending on year and model of vehicles you take across the border. The insurance covers any damages that might result from accidents caused by Belizean drivers upon vehicles registered in Mexico.

When he spoke with the media last week, Minister of Transport, Edmund Castro said that for quite a period of time Belizeans have been given a break because we have been guilty of crossing into Mexico and taking chances without proper insurance.

“You can’t travel on the streets of Belize without insurance,” Castro said, “but we take the run, because they give us a blithe to go into those people’s country and be cutting about the place without insurance. You can’t do that in any part of the world,” the Transport Minister continued. He said that it is past time that the Mexicans demand from us what we demand from them.

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Re: Driving to Mexico? Insurance now mandatory - 06/22/18 06:52 PM

I lived in Chetumal from 2008-2010 and brought my Belize car to Mexico, and insured thru for Mexican liability insurance. It was much less expensive than I thought it would be for a year's insurance.
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Re: Driving to Mexico? Insurance now mandatory - 09/07/18 12:20 PM

New law risks arrival of Belizeans: Citizens who enter with private vehicles must cover a payment

More than 17,000 vehicles from Belize will stop crossing into Mexico every month, to avoid Civil Liability Insurance, which is required by the Mobility Law as of September 12.

Luis Gilberto Montero Maldonado, Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico, states that there are 17,280 vehicles, 576 a day, that will stop crossing through the Chactemal Tax Precinct; With this new provision, it is expected that there will be a decrease of 60% of the 28,800 that cross the month.

Those Belizean citizens who enter with their private vehicles will be subject to the obligation to cover the payment of 250 pesos for the 12-hour stay and 500 pesos for the 24-hour stay on Mexican soil, to be insured in cases of automobile accidents.

So far, only public transport vehicles, such as buses and taxis, are those that have Civil Liability Insurance; they cover the cost of 250 pesos to stay for 12 hours in Mexico and 500 pesos for 24 hours, which is done by the "Insurance" area of ​​the Mexican fiscal area.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that as of that date, the Mobility Law that will come into effect will force Belizeans who enter through customs with their private vehicles to pay, in the last few days they have stopped crossing 30% of the vehicles , but it will increase up to 60%, because the citizens of Belize do not have the economic conditions to cover it, "he said.

According to consulate data, in the last six vehicular accidents in which Belizean citizens have been involved in Chetumal, the damages caused by these six incidents amounted to 200 thousand pesos, "it would have been cheaper to cover 250 pesos or 500 pesos of insurance ", says Montero Maldonado.

Estimates that the monthly figures may decline from the date indicated, reaching the crossing of 11 thousand 500 private vehicles, only, which means that Chetumal will also stop receiving the economic benefit that Belizean citizens reflect in supermarkets, shopping malls, to mention Some.

To date, there are 1,500 people from Belize who cross customs to visit Chetumal and its surroundings, about 45,000 a month, on average; in holiday seasons, the double is increased, that is, three thousand people a day.

As for the Mexican festivities next September 15, last year the figure reached two thousand 250 Belizeans who crossed the customs, for enjoyment; However, this year may reflect a considerable decrease.
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The Complications of Car Insurance in Chetumal

Going to Chetumal got a whole lot more complicated in the past few weeks. That's because the Mexican authorities are now enforcing regulations which state that all private vehicles must have Mexican insurance in order to drive legally in Chetumal or anywhere in Mexico. That insurance is now available on the Mexican side for a little more than a dollar an hour, sold at $12.50 for half day, or 25 dollars for a day.

The Mayor of Orange Walk Kevin Bernard has put out his own announcement on it:..

Voice of: Kevin Bernard, OW Mayor
"I just got a call from the Honorary Counsel in Chetumal and to clear the air on this issue with insurance let me tell you that it is declared that all private vehicle need to pay insurance - all vehicles going to Chetumal has to pay the insurance. The reason why the immigration are telling people that they can come without the insurance is because the law makers have no identify which institution will implement the law, whether it is the police, whether it is the immigration, whether it is traffic authorities in municipality there in Chetumal. The next thing they have not decided on is what would have been the fine if you don't have an insurance and then they don't know where to pay the fine. So those are the 3 things they are working on today in congress as we speak. So the Honorary Counsel has informed me to inform everybody who I know to please make sure that if you are going to Chetumal take your insurance, otherwise you can be fined and you can be jailed."

The agreement came into force in October of last year - but is just now being enforced.

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Re: Driving to Mexico? Insurance now mandatory - 09/19/18 12:03 PM

So…You Don’t Need Mexican Insurance (Yet)

Last night you heard form the Mayor of Orange Walk, Kevin Bernard. He said he had spoken to the Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico - who supposedly said that if you don't get that Mexican insurance you can't drive in Chetumal.

Well today the Honorary Counsel told Bernard something different:..

Dr. Luis Montero Maldonado- Hon Consul México
"No person in Chetumal or no authority in Chetumal should ask for any insurance because only the institute is the one that has the ability to apply the law. Nobody else can apply the law. No patrol, no police patrol can apply the law as yet. So, if there is any patrol that is asking for the insurance it means that it is not something true. Also, you can continue coming to Chetumal and Quintana Roo without needing the insurance as yet."

Dr. Maldonado says this is based on the Mobility law which came into effect last week - but the governor has one month to name a director - WHICH HAS NOT HAPPENED.

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