Posted By: gsreimers

Plancencia - 10/15/18 02:51 AM

My wife and I have made 4 trips to Ambergris Caye and have enjoyed every trip. Next spring (first week of April) we plan on coming to Belize again and are thinking about Placencia as change of pace. So what am I going to experience that is different, better or worse? Thank you for your information and opinions.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Plancencia - 10/15/18 02:32 PM

Are you divers? Snorkelers? So much depends on what your visiting for. Placencia dive and snorkel trips are very different than Ambergris Caye mostly because of the distance to the sites. This makes the price a little higher. The town has cruse ship visitation. I stay a little out of town when I visit at Barnacle Bills Maya Beach and dive with .
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Plancencia - 10/15/18 08:11 PM

I do not dive or snorkel but we stay at Barnacle Bills place and love it!
Posted By: gsreimers

Re: Plancencia - 10/22/18 01:05 AM

Thanks Elbert, we do snorkel. Thanks for the info on Barnacle Bills. What is it like when cruise ships come? The best thing we like about Belize is you can get out and while it is touristy, to me it doesn't feel like a tourist trap. (if that makes any sense) We want to do something different but I don't really want the all inclusive or cruise enviroment feel.
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