When should we book our Flight?

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When should we book our Flight? - 08/28/01 08:33 PM

My wife and I are heading to AC in late April 2002, from the San Francisco Bay Area. For traveling that time of year, is there a "good" time to book our flights? Should we do it now or wait? I hear of these $500-$600 RT air fares, but the only time I seem to find these kinds of rates is if the flight is just a few weeks off. When I check the web for flights in April, I can't find anything under $950 or so. Is it best to wait until just 4-6 weeks before our trip? Any thoughts? I have tried Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. They all seem to come in about the same. I am hesitant about priceline only because I don't want to be stuck on some "redeye" type flight.

thanks for the help
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Re: When should we book our Flight? - 08/28/01 09:00 PM

We got an excellent deal on Taca Airlines through Travelocity, flying out of SFO -- the deal is good for travel through March 31st. I would definitely give them a try if you can move your dates up a couple weeks.

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Re: When should we book our Flight? - 08/28/01 10:27 PM

I just got tickets through Hobbit Travel. I checked out the website first ( and then I called and worked with them. They were VERY helpful as we tried several scenarios since one is traveling from Portland, OR and two of us are coming from Milwaukee. We paid $597 from Milwaukee and I think the PDX person paid low $700s for a late Feb-early March trip. We're flying on Continental and have only one layover in Houston.

According to their website, from San Fran you would start at $510.

I've had a very good experience thus far and based on that, recommend them.

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Re: When should we book our Flight? - 08/29/01 02:25 AM

i have had good success with caprisorn travel. i first learned of them via arthur frommers budget travel magazine. 800 426 6544
happy travels
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Re: When should we book our Flight? - 08/30/01 11:15 PM

I paid $538 on WWW.TACA.COM from SF.

you can also try:

after making your selection then click on farebeater. You should get a fair for around $550.

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