Contracts are Signed for Caracol and Coastal Road Paving

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Contracts are Signed for Caracol and Coastal Road Paving - 12/03/19 12:16 PM

Government has awarded another major multi-million dollar contract to Imer Hernandez; it is for the paving of the Coastal Road and for the rehabilitating of bridges. The value is over one hundred and thirty million dollars and works are expected to be completed in thirty-six months. Also this morning, another contract was signed for works on the Caracol Road; it was awarded to Belize Roadway Construction and A&N Construction Limited.  Here is News Five’s Isani Cayetano.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The paving of the Coastal Road, approximately thirty-six miles of highway is set to commence following the signing of a contract today in Belmopan.  Through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank and grant funding from the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund, that stretch of road which is often used as a short cut from Belize to Stann Creek districts will be paved.  It will also see the rehabilitation and reconstruction of ten bridges across various creeks and rivers along the highway.

Rene Montero, Minister of Works

“The construction works will generally follow the existing road alignment and will only deviate in areas where improvement to the horizontal alignment is required for safety.  The road which commences at the Coastal Highway/George Price Highway intersection will have an improved T-junction intersection to better channelize traffic movement from the newly upgraded road.  The end of the Coastal Highway, where it intersects the Hummingbird Highway, will also see major improvement with a new roundabout intersection.”

The contract for that project, approved by CDB, was awarded to Imer Hernandez Development Company in the amount of roughly sixty-three million dollars for Lot One and seventy million dollars for Lot Two.  It is expected to be completed in thirty-six months.  Also this morning, Minister of Works Rene Montero also signed contracts for works to be done on the Caracol Road.  That highway will be built using monies from a loan granted by the OPEC Fund for International Development.  That contract was awarded to Belize Roadway Construction and A&N Construction Limited for thirty-eight million and fourteen million dollars respectively.

Rene Montero

“The Caracol project is very important because it will benefit five villages in the area, namely Cristo Rey, San Antonio, Seven Miles, Three Miles and Georgeville.  Also, these areas are agricultural areas and also a large majority of people living in this area depend on jobs from resorts.  They are involved in tourism.  Also, a lot of tour guides will be able to get employment in the area and we feel that Caracol has a lot of potential in terms of increased tourism coming into the area and also it will benefit the farmers in the area because it will reduce time for them to reach to their farm and to go deliver their produce to the market.”

The road will be completed with modern ancillary safety features, including high visibility road signs, edge markers, lane markings and safety rails. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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Re: Contracts are Signed for Caracol and Coastal Road Paving - 01/21/20 10:35 AM

Senate Confusion About Caracol Contract

There was a whole lot to say about the soundness of a contract that the Senate Wants him to review. That is for Phase Two of the Caracol Road paving from Blancaneux Lodge to Caracol. There was some dispute about the phasing of the project:..

Mark Lizarraga- Senator
"But when we look at all these documents I have been having the greatest of difficulty reconciling one with the next because there is no consistency in the plan, there is no consistency in the numbers, there is no consistency in the descriptions. In this document that Dr. Barnett sent to us it said section 1 was for 18 kilometers, section 2 was for 24, and it gave descriptions of where it was. When you add up the two sections they are talking about 34.6 kilometers. But I see that the terms, in fact, have changed. Contrary to the law of the land, we have not been provided with the documents that we should be provided for all of these contracts for over $5 million. And now you question why we have the gall. The leader of government business has challenged us to open up and stand up and talk out when we see things are wrong well this is what we do here. And this is what we do here today. But please, man, how many hundreds of millions, how many billions of dollars have been spent and we don't know. That's my point. Please, you have to see the outrage that one feels as a parliamentarian when one cannot answer as to what it is we are doing with the people's money."

Dr. Carla Barnett- Senator
"I did circulate early last year what was the feasibility study. That was done...can I finish sir? Feasibility study with the design...can I please finish without interruption? Are you suggesting I will not tell the truth? Please sir, you cannot do that."

"Dr. Barnett, one second. If you are addressing a matter, address it to the chair."

Dr. Carla Barnett- Senator
"The way it works, when a feasibility study is done, it is then passed on to decision makers who are a separate part of engineers and in this case its the project execution unit that oversees this and then they determine what the final solution will be. So exactly what you see in a feasibility study is not necessarily what you see in the final document. I have worked on many many projects. And a feasibility study is an input into the final decision making."

Michel Chebat - Senator
"And so, the question Mr. President, is what happened to that first $20 million US dollars that we have approved, that was approved since March, Mr. President. Where is the accounting for these funds? Where is the report on what has been done with those funds. Is this the less transparency that the Attorney General earlier referred to? You see Mr. President, we come here time and time again and we are asked to approve motions for additional funds, yet there is no accounting to the people of Belize as to where these funds are going and how these funds are being used."

Godwin Hulse- Senator
"My understanding is the first phase is ongoing, the second phase to commence. The coactive fund that put the $20 million US required that all the money for the entire project be in place before they dispersed any money on that phase."

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Re: Contracts are Signed for Caracol and Coastal Road Paving - 06/30/20 07:58 PM

Belize signs US $10 Million agreement for phase 2 of Caracol Road Project

The OPEC Fund for International Development, OFID, has signed a US$10 million public sector loan agreement with Belize, a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, to co-finance the second phase of a major transport project.

The ‘Upgrading of Caracol Road Project, Phase II’ will ease travel constraints and support socio-economic growth, particularly in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

It will improve a 43 km stretch of road and include the construction of eight bridges. The road section provides the sole link between the George price Highway (which originates in the country’s largest city, Belize City) and the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo district, one of Belize’s most important tourism areas.

The OPEC Fund is partnering with the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the government of Belize to finance this project.

"The OPEC Fund is pleased to help finance this project in support of Sustainable Development Goals eight and nine in particular, on decent work and economic growth, and on industry, innovation and infrastructure," said OPEC Fund’s Director-General, Dr.

Abdulhamid Alkhalifa.

"The road is vital in providing income-generation opportunities for tens of thousands of people and is well-aligned with the government’s recently-launched Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan," he added.

Over its three decade-long partnership with Belize, OFID has approved US$141 million to support development in the Central American country, the majority of which has helped to strengthen the transport sector.

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