how much rum can you bring home?

Posted By: tropicalfan

how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 04:24 AM

Can anyone answer this question? I did a search on this site and found that you can bring in a liter per person (LOL)...but I can't seem to find how much they allow you to take out. I've fallen in love with the caribean rum from other locations-but was a coward and didn't try to bring more than the liter/person the was allowed when I was in Antigua. Alas, it goes too quickly. I would like to load up when there if I can.
Thanks for your help!
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 07:28 AM

You can take a truckload if you want. There are no restrictions on how much you can take out. But you may only take as much in as your country allows. Alas, that is the rub.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:14 PM

I think you can bring in more than that, you would just have to declare it and pay duty on it. The first liter is duty free. Check with customs at your local airport, and they can tell you what the duty would be. Rum is pretty cheap in the Caribean, so even with the duty it may still be a bargain.

Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:15 PM

It seems as though there are some pretty generous US Customs regulations if it is a Caribbean basin product. That NAFTA thing and all. You need to check the US Customs regs.
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:30 PM

A related question...

Can you carry on glass bottles these days...or are these too potentially dangerous?

13 days 'til Key West...and 30 days 'til Belize...


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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:34 PM

I have never had a problem sneaking in a few extra bottles. In the past what I have done is put 3 or so in a carry on bag and 3 or so wrapped in towels in the suitcase. Problem with doing that now is the "tightened security".
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:54 PM

Technically you are allowed to bring back to the U.S. only one bottle of liquor per adult duty-free. After that, you are supposed to pay duty, typically about 10% of retail value. As a practical matter, customs rarely enforces this. Guess it is hardly worth the time and trouble to collect a couple of bucks from tourists who are bringing back a bottle or two for personal consumption.

What I do, if I'm bringing back more than one bottle, is just to note under purchases on the back of the customs declaration form that I have purchased liquor and give the approximate total price, along with whatever else I've purchased. This way, I'm clean on the declaration and it's up to customs to tell me if I owe duty or not. On scores of trips from Belize and the Caribbean, I don't think I've ever been asked to pay duty on extra booze.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 02:55 PM

The answer to how much duty will run you if you go over 1 liter is in here, but I couldn't decifer it.... Did note that it depends on the proof and that having to pay Federal Excise tax is also a possibility.

You might also want to look into mailing some back.
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 03:08 PM

I bring home a case every time I go.. Just declare the value to customs and be ready to pay a few bucks if needed..I havent had to pay yet.(10 years and counting) Be sure to pack it well. last year we had the tragic loss of several bottles. Guess if rum dripping from your bag in customs doesnt get the agents attention nothing will
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 06:47 PM

Thanks so much for your answers! Looks like I'll be wrapping the bottles in clothing and towels to protect.
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/16/01 09:07 PM


lessee, two duffels two dive bags, my personal best was 12 bottles.

unfortunately lost one to the baggage handlers in tucson, got rum all over me carrying the stupid bag to the car.....
good thing it wasn't one barrel
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Re: how much rum can you bring home? - 10/17/01 08:17 PM

i keep telling you people to carry more large ziplocs!!! this is why. my Cane Juice leaked a bit, no problemo.

FYI - last summer the Cane Juice Rum was $4 US a bottle at the duty free shop at the airport!!!

ya gotta try some, with pineapple juice. yum.
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