Continental Flights!

Posted By: coconutlady

Continental Flights! - 10/22/01 04:08 PM

Those of you who are holding future flight tickets with Continental might want to re-confirm your itinerary right now! Even you "old-timers" may not care much for the new departure time from BZE. Ah, that would now be 5:00 p.m.

Great, two extra hours in San Pedro! Not so fast buckaroo. The BZE to Houston flight now lands in Houston at 7:30 p.m.. If you are traveling on from Houston more than 450-500 miles you are probably screwed and will have to spend a unexpected, additional night on vacation. In Houston! Nothing against Texans, but the vicinity of the Houston airport is NOT where where I want to vacation!
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/22/01 04:51 PM


I ran into a similar situation with American. With a later departure from BZE and the fact that AA cancelled the late flight from Dallas back to my home in CA, I am now flying into an alternate airport 60 miles away and arriving after midnight. It will be a long day with a shuttle ride at the end, but I prefer this over, as you say, a night at Dallas airport.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/22/01 05:01 PM

I just checked Continental's website and for different days that I checked, their flights were leaving BZ City at different times. I checked three different dates and one day the plane left at 12:30 p.m (ish), one day at 3:30 (ish) and another at 5(ish). All of those managed to connect with the same flight from Houston that I always take home. That's a relief for me, for as long as that lasts.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/22/01 05:08 PM

OK, so it's both Continental AND American. I'm not sure how much influence the BZ Aviation Authority has with the airlines that serve their country and bring millions of dollars to their economy with tourists---BUT---it would seem that these late departures inconvenience just about everybody, except those who live pretty close to Dallas or Houston. The impact of adding an extra overnight stay at a US airport, and the associated expense is a very serious matter to many who travel to BZ.

If the BZ governemnt, for whatever reason, had any input into this decision, it is something that was poorly thought through, and could have a negative impact far greater than they might imagine.

Lan, if you're out there lurking (I know you are) have you heard anything about this? I'd have to think that the resort owners on AC would be livid, especially if they have to let return vistors know that they will probably have to spend an unanticipated night in the US on their return. In many cases that will one less night that the operators in BZ will get. Not a good thing for anybody.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/22/01 05:28 PM

Yup, it's different times based on what day you return. Just talked to Continental and they confirmed that depending on the day of the week it could be anywhere between noon and 5 p.m.

The last 12 times we've returned we left BZE at around 3 p.m., and landed in Houston around 3:15 p.m. local time. Continental confirmed that they had staggered their return schedules.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 05:47 AM

Maybe it has to do with your final destination airport, but I had no problem with American on a late night flight from Dallas back to Sacramento.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 04:48 PM

Coconutlady- Thanks for the post! Had I not read you post I would not have realize continential changed my return flight. They had us leaving Belize at 4:55pm arriving in houston at 7:28pm then leaving Houston at 6:50pm. Okay there is the problem! How can we get in at 7:28 and leave the same day at 6:50pm? Now we have to spend the night in houston. something we were not expecting.
As I write this I am still on the phone (I have already been on the phone now for 30 minutes). EEEEEK.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 05:26 PM

YBON I think your headed back the same day as I am. We too will be stuck in Houston. Continental agreed to put us up for the night. I built in an extra day anyway, so it's not too bad. There could be a lot of us overnight in Houston.

And I do believe that this only effects flights to the mid US and East. Not 100% positive, but it looks that way.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 05:39 PM

I too checked our flight schedule. Surprise...our flight home is not affected (so far) but our flight to Belize is and this impacts us more than the other would. I don't have a problem tacking on an additional day in Belize or Houston, anything to avoid coming back to minus 20 degree temps.

Continental now has us flying to Calgary, then Calgary to Houston with an overnight and then off to Belize the next day. We weren't prepared to leave until the late evening of the 30th for Calgary and were going to overnight there and then off to Houston and Belize on Dec 1st.

Hubby is traveling in on the 29th from Venezuela and if his schedule changes we could end up waving at each other as his plane heads into Texas and mine (ours) leaves for Belize. :-(

All part of the adventure I guess.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 05:42 PM

Hi all, this isn't about a Belize trip, but we just traveled from New York (Rochester) to Portland, Oregon....on to Denver, CO then back to Rochester. Make double sure you have time !!
We had to be at the Denver airport 3 hours early and were the last ones seated on the plane. Unbelieveable waiting lines.
I'm sure many of you have traveled recently but this was really, really another whole day that was needed for just the waiting lines and the thoroughness of ALL the airports and the security is superior. It's an amazing sight.
Just an FYI....
Our next trip, to Belize is in January and we are prepared for that extra day this time. Unfortunately, we have had to do over-nighters in Miami in the past, but didn't realize the tickets were printed with that little AM/PM for the next day. Oh well, good time anyway.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 05:51 PM

OOPS....we flew American.
I have read that Continental is very high on the list of missed flights, time changes and layovers. We flew with them this summer and did find this to happen. We had a good price tho, through
Sometimes money=time or vice versa.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 07:23 PM

I just returned from flying with Continental thru Houston and Milwaukee. All flights were on time. No long lines. I found much fewer people in the airports.
The most hassle I got was leaving my own little International airport, got searched twice, even my checked suitcase. Leaving Milwaukee they only gave me the all over body wand. They will ask you if the wand beeps, may I touch you at that spot. LOL
When my underwire bra beeped, I just gave him a hard look, and he did not touch. LOL
After the hassle in my airport, I got over my anxiety about my first flight since 9/11.
Traded one emotion for another. I had a great trip.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 07:53 PM

I must say the guy with continential was very nice. I plan on writting a letter to his superviser because he was doing everything in his power to help us and not make things hard. I got it all straightened out. I was more upset about the fact that no one called me. I felt that if they were going to change my flights at least they could have called. I am just trying to get 9 people to belize! I think a night in houston may be fun. How close to the city is the airport, anyone know? Like someone said before, it all part of the adventure!
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 08:39 PM

I am leaving AC on Sunday the 4 Nov. Cont. changed my departure to 4:55pm arrive Houston 7:28pm. Better not be delayed , we will have to change terminals and connect to Calgary by 8:38pm. puff puff...
Posted By: KC

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 09:06 PM

I just got an itinerary from my travel agent, and the trip home is the same we have had before... leave BZE at 5p and arrive in Portland at midnight. However, getting there, we used to take a 6 a.m. flight. We now take a red-eye -- leaving at midnight and getting into BZE at 11:30 a.m. Hey! I can take getting to Belize earlier in the day! We used to get there about 4 p.m. or so.

yoo hoo!

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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/23/01 09:22 PM

polargirl, why not overnight in Calgary on your way down, instead of Houston? (unless Continental is picking up the tab but maybe they will anyway, Cdn $ being a better deal) Catch the 7:00 a.m.ish flight to Houston and then to Belize City. I don't think that schedule has changed much. You still get to BZ City around 3:30.
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Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 05:45 PM


Are you form MKE or the surrounding area? I'm flying out of MKE on Continental in late February (1st timer), but while the flights times have changed, it's only been very slightly and in our favor even!

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 05:53 PM

Gidget, I was visiting family near MKE, I live in South Texas, where the sun shines all the time. LOL
Posted By: karin

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 06:17 PM

Have to overnight in both direction, but I dont care, it just means more time in Belize ! ...
Posted By: Nicki

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 07:13 PM

I just thought that I would mention that an hour in Houston is going to be really hard to manage a connection. When we were flying back we had two hours to make our connection, so we weren't worried. However, we didn't consider the fact that you have to go through customs upon entering the United States. You have to reclaim your luggage, go through customs and recheck your luggage. This process took an hour! We barely made our connection.
Posted By: KC

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 08:51 PM

I only have 1 hr 15 min to make my connection. Hope it's enough!

Posted By: DON4IS

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/24/01 10:21 PM

Thanks Nicki, I am kind of expecting to miss the connection. I phoned Continental and they said it is a scheduled connection. I guess they will be putting us up. We are going to do the carry on only thing, see if that speeds up the process. Alot of times you make the connection but your luggage doesn't.
Posted By: BillandJeanne

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/25/01 02:19 AM

We must be the luckiest travellers ever!

1) continental changed our flight times, but it was only an hour either way, and it really had no effect.

2) We did not have a single delay with Continental. As a matter of a fact, we arrived in Belize 5 minutes early, and every where else right on time.

3) When they changed our times, they called us.

4) We breezed through customs in Houston in a matter of minutes. So easy in fact, we we're shocked! We we're like...That's it? Cool!

Ybon- in Houston, if you like Mexican, try Chuy's! great food, and an Elvis altar! Really cool.
Posted By: ybon

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/25/01 02:15 PM

Bill and Jeanne- Okay these places you speak of, are they close to the airport. Maybe like a taxi ride away? We have about 13 hours in houston so why not make the most of it?
Posted By: BillandJeanne

Re: Continental Flights! - 10/26/01 02:24 AM

Ybon- I'm really not sure how close Chuy's is to the airport, although there are plenty of them in Texas.

If you have 13 hours, there is plenty of time to get anywhere you want to go in Houston, although Astroworld maybe out of the question. [Linked Image]

There are really so many AWESOME places in Houston.
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