Converting U.S. Dollars

Posted By: EDS

Converting U.S. Dollars - 11/06/01 09:09 PM

Can anyone tell me if American dollars are accepted or do you need to exchange them for Belizian dollars. Also, what is the recommendation as far as using Travellers Checks?
Posted By: mina

Re: Converting U.S. Dollars - 11/06/01 09:37 PM

I found that US currency is pretty easily usable...some restaurants and hotels actually charged in US dollars rather than belizian dollars. Since the exchange rate is stable, I think it's an easy process. IO always recommend travelers checks when traveling abroad and they are widely accepted in AC.
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Converting U.S. Dollars - 11/06/01 09:41 PM

I always say, "When in Rome. . ." I used both BZ and U.S. money.
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Converting U.S. Dollars - 11/06/01 09:46 PM

No problem either way. You give US$ and get change in BZE$ or US, depending on what's in the till or pocket. You'll get charged the credit card percentage in many cases, so the exchange rate may look like 2.07 to 1 on a restaurant check.
Posted By: diveron

Re: Converting U.S. Dollars - 11/07/01 01:15 AM

I would bring $100 travelers checks for the bulk of your money, they are easy to cash at the grocery and banks in San Pedro. I usually bring a few hundred cash in 1's, 5's, 10's and 20's. Have fun!

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