Private Flights given the green light

Posted By: Marty

Private Flights given the green light - 08/15/20 11:01 AM

Private flights will continue to come into Belize. The National Oversight Committee has decided that the protocols set in place are stringent and reliable. Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained more.

Rt.Hon Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: ďI will tell you that as Iíve said I personally support the private flights because remember there are protocols written down as to how you can get to be allowed permission to come or to go on a private flight and I think the protocols, the safe guards, are sound. When we had the National Oversight Committee meeting on Monday the question was raised and debated, should the allowances for the individual private flights continue and the unanimous answer was yes. Remember you come on that private flight, the Civil Aviation must sign off, Immigration must sign off, Health must sign off and the one and only Attorney General as Minister of National Security must also sign off. Youíve got to bring your COVID negative test with you and for example in the case of Atlantic their private plane came, the persons had their COVID negative certificates, I believe they had their meeting at the bank there are quarters right upstairs there and the next day they go to the airport and leave- I canít say that thereís a problem with that and business is still continuing which they own in this country I donít see that it can be fair to exclude them from coming.Ē

The issue with private flight arose at the end of July when the Prime Minister stated that a private flight with Texans came into Belize. The Minister of Civil Aviation had refuted this statement and said that in fact, no plane landed in Belize and that the Prime Minister had apologized to him for the mistake.

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