Jan 8-24

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Jan 8-24 - 12/10/01 08:13 PM

Who's going to be in AC, Jan 8-24?? Just got our flights confirmed, $384 from Jacksonville to AC. Hoping to get a glance at Jerry Jeff while we are there. He is having Camp Belize that first few days we are there. Would love to hear him sing "those were the days".
Hope to see you all there!
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/10/01 08:32 PM

I will be there from January 17-21. Hope to meet up with you then. Not quite sure where I'm staying yet. But luckily the job will let me go for a short stint to AC. Would love to meet up with you too.
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/10/01 09:04 PM

Check with Seaspells (the gift shop on Front St) and they will know where I am, and have my phone number.
Would love to meet you.
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/10/01 10:45 PM

Will do Vicky, can't wait to meet up. The countdown begins, new beau better get his passport taken care of cuz I'm a leaving on that jetplane without him. Just joshing, but he'd better. My dog's a missing me down there, I hope.
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 05:00 AM


I will be down there Jan 8-15. I would love to work toward over-refreshment with the rest of this group.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 03:51 PM

We will be down Jan 19-27. The plan is to hit the Palapa Bar on the 20th. There is no such thing as over-refreshed.
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 05:35 PM

hey becky...we put off the passport thing last time as well. he will need to pay additional $ to have it expedited. they say it takes 6-8 weeks to have it sent, but paying (i think) $45 extra, we had ours in a week & a half's time.

tell him to get his butt in gear!!

ps - it looks like we are going to florida instead of bz for january. dang.
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 07:25 PM

Hey Jane, sorry you won't make it in January, you will be missed. Thanks for the info re the passport issue. Hopefully he gets his passport. If not, the show must go on and I'm flying solo. Hmmmmmmm, that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 08:35 PM

tee hee hee. if he can't make it, maybe i'll buy your extra ticket (at a 50% reduction for my trouble). i'll just fly outta phila to chicago, and we'll go together. a 'chicks only' holiday.

you don't think my husband will mind taking care of the kids in FL while i go to BZ, do ya? (i wish!)
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 08:59 PM

In many places you can get your passport in seven days if you have an airline ticket to a place that requires one.

Our friend Terry is on AC right, now fixing our place up. She got her passport that way in New York City.

Might be possible for you.

Mike Ryan
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/11/01 09:14 PM

Shoot Jane, we'll hire a nanny for him and the kids if need be.

Mike thanks for the info, I'll pass it on.

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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/12/01 09:57 PM

How did you get that airfare from JAX?
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/13/01 01:40 AM

My travel agent found it... pretty good connections through Houston, on Continental. Really wanted Miami, but everything was sky high.
Posted By: AnnieT

Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/16/01 05:13 PM

Do you mind sharing the name and phone # of your travel agent? Thanks!
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Re: Jan 8-24 - 12/16/01 06:51 PM

My travel agent doesn't have a very good name on this board. I own a timeshare through RCI (Vistana in Orlando), and that's who I use. They really have jumped through hoops to get great air rates, cruise rates, etc.
I will tell you who I used the last trip... are you a AAA member? They got me the lowest rate I have heard of... think it was 275 from Miami to BC. But I had RCI points to use, that's why I went with them this time. (Not all timeshares are bad...)
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