A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize

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A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize - 08/30/20 11:15 AM

Announced August 28, Belize confirms to reopen for international travel on October 1, 2020. In preparation for your trip to Belize, here are the overarching requirements and guidelines to follow. During this third phase of Belize’s Travel Reopening Plan, tourists are limited to safe corridors, with accommodations limited to Gold Standard recognized hotels.

Requirements before your visit to Belize:

  • Download the Belize Health App (under development) and complete the required information prior to boarding the flight to Belize. A QR code with a unique ID number will be returned to you. It will be used for contact tracing while in Belize. The Belize Health App will be made available prior to Belize’s reopening, according to the BTB.
  • Before arrival, you should take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of your travel to Belize. A negative result from your PCR will allow for a ‘fast track’ arrival process. However, all passengers without proof of a negative PCR Test will be rapid tested  once in Belize. The rapid test is at a cost to the tourist, priced at US$50.
  • Be sure to pack a face mask, which is required of individuals to wear in public while in Belize.

On arrival in Belize:

  • You will disembark the plane – wearing a face mask – and proceed to health screening.
  • If you brought along your negative COVID-19 PCR test, you will proceed to the ‘fast track’ lane for Immigration & Customs processing. Depending on your health screening, you may be randomly selected for secondary testing.
  • If you were unable to bring the results of a PCR test as a tourist, you must proceed to the testing area where you’ll be required to take a COVID rapid test. Test results may take 15 to 30 minutes to be processed.
  • A negative test result will allow for you to enter into the Immigration and Customs area for further processing.
  • If your test result is positive, health officials will isolate you and you will be transferred to an approved quarantine facility for a minimum of 14-days, at your own expense.

During your stay in Belize:

  • While in country, face masks are mandatory in all public spaces. Additionally, it is advised to practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene, to protect yourself and others you come in contact with. Social distancing is observed as a minimum of 6 feet in Belize.
  • During this initial phase, visitors to Belize will remain on the approved Gold Standard recognized  hotel/resort property. Many Belize properties offer full service amenities (restaurant, bar, pool &/or beach access, and onsite activities), and will also be working to provide a taste of local culture, food and entertainment on-site, so that you can experience the destination and “live like a local”.
  • To explore all Belize has to offer, you won’t be able to explore on your own. However, tours can be arranged through your Gold Standard Hotel or with a recognized  Gold Standard Tour Operator .

To find out more about the latest travel requirements in Belize, visit HERE.

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Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize - 08/30/20 11:59 AM

Pretty sure the whole thrust of the PM's recent press conference was that the rapid-test by Abbot labs was going to be used instead of the PCR. I think this particular "news" piece is out of date.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: A Visitor Checklist for Entry into Belize - 08/30/20 05:35 PM

That is not how I read the situation. I believe the PCR which is the gold standard of testing will still be used, just not on every single passenger. ie. say a negative rapid test result is achieved but the passenger is displaying flu like symptoms - they will then have to have a PCR test, or say there is a positive rapid test result, that will have to be followed up with a PCR test to verify. And if a passenger didn't bring a rapid test kit with them, then they will have to endure the full PCR testing process.
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