No Inter District Limits On Tourist Travel

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No Inter District Limits On Tourist Travel - 12/19/20 11:29 AM

While the vaccine will take about four more months to reach Belize- the truth is US travellers to this country may soon be arriving already inoculated with it. The vaccine is being rolled out to vulnerable populations in the US and other developed countries this week.

And, also,. When tourists arrive in the country - they also either arrive with a COVID test or take a quick one when they land. And that's why tourists are being allowed to travel to gold standard hotels within all districts, induing Orange Walk and Corozal.

But, what about local tourists? Well, they can't travel to the northern districts - unlike foreign visitors. Here's how the Attorney General Magali Marin Young put it:

Magali Marin -Young, Attorney General
"International tourists will be allowed interdistrict travel, not for local tourists. This was weighted decision, a lot had to go into it but the fear is that if locals become tourist and wanting to go to the next nearby village, so because of that concern that it may be abused and the seriousness with which we have to restrict travel its only international tourists who will be allowed to travel to Orange Walk and Corozal on tours."

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Re: No Inter District Limits On Tourist Travel - 04/30/21 11:45 AM

I had no problems with the flight either, everything went great.
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