Vaccine and Travel Restrictions?

Posted By: HLAuburn

Vaccine and Travel Restrictions? - 01/22/21 08:27 PM

I apologize if this has been discussed before, and I realize it may be speculation at this point, but is there any talk about how testing protocols may change (ease up?) for travelers who can prove they have had the COVID vaccine? I know it would still be a ways off for the average visitor, but I was just curious. We are considering a trip in July, and I'm trying to gather information as to what restrictions might look like then.

Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Vaccine and Travel Restrictions? - 01/22/21 08:38 PM

As you noted, it is just a little too far off for anyone to speculate on restrictions. If we follow the world models it looks like the world is trying to get the vaccinations administered as quickly and widespread as possible. Mask wearing, hand sanitizing and social distancing protocols seems to helped curb the spread in Belize - and we are making huge strides in providing convenient and affordable testing sites and once we add vaccinations we hope to be in good shape.
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