driving to and in Belize

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driving to and in Belize - 02/05/02 07:47 PM

We'll be flying or driving to Belize in February from Cancun. We already have a car available (rented) for our stay in Cancun and diving in Paamul.

Any advice on driving to Belize? Any roads from Mexico to Ambergris Caye in the North? Are there any ferries from the mainland? Is a car prefered or not on AC?

We'll be making this trip spur of the moment. Any problem getting rooms in San Pedro?
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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/05/02 08:41 PM

I am sure it would be prohibitively expensive to get a car to AC, and you would also need to get permission to do it. Golf carts are preferred in San Pedro and easy to rent. No roads cross from Mexico to North Ambergris.
Belize it!
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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/05/02 09:31 PM

First you need to check if your rental car agency in Cancun permits its vehicles to be taken into Belize. Most don't. A few do. If you drive into Belize you'll have to get Belize insurance, which is inexpensive and you can buy it at the border.

The only main road in northern Belize is the Northern Highway, which runs from the border about 85 miles to Belize City. It is a good paved two-lane road.

There is no road to Ambergris Caye, which is an island, though only barely separated from Mexico by a narrow channel.

There is a pedestrian ferry, actually two, from Corozal Town to San Pedro. You would have to leave your car in Corozal. There are safe places to park it, such as at Tony's or Corozal Bay Inn, but you would need to check with these places for permission.

Depending, you might just be better off going by bus to Chetumal/Corozal and taking the ferry from there, as you would not have to pay for your rental car for the time you were in Belize.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/05/02 11:45 PM

I've driven and also taken the bus. I would definitely recommend the bus, especially since a car will do you no good on the mainland while you are in the cayes. It is true that you can store it in Corozal, but with bus transportation as reliable as it is in Belize and Mexico, you don't need a car. Once in the cayes, you can rent a golfcart. Me... I just hoof it everywhere (my new bike was stolen - but that belongs in the "Crime in Belize" thread)
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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/06/02 01:20 AM

here's another vote for the bus. unless you want to stop a lot along the way...

here's some cool maps of that area: o-map-main.htm

you can get a boat from corozal after you cross the border, Thunderbolt does that route: //

their Corozal schedule is on that site...

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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/11/02 11:39 PM

From the downtown Cancun bus station, cabs lurk. You usually can't get any deal at the airport if you are flying into Cancun but if you get downtown, those cabbies make a deal. Three of us bargained a few months ago for $60US for one way from Cancun to the border north of Corozol. Six hours. A bus, of course is cheaper but takes longer.
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Re: driving to and in Belize - 02/13/02 10:11 PM

Take the bus from Cancun to Corazol then the ferry over to San Pedro. Very inexpensive and you don't need a car on AC.

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