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Airfare to the Cayes - 02/18/02 01:07 AM

What is airfare costing from Belize City to AC? I have seen quotes from $55.00 to $95.00 round trip.
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/18/02 06:27 AM

On Island Air,,its 46 USD one way,,or 92 USD R/T.. or 184 Bz.. and dont forget the exit price of $20 when you leave Bz.( cash only). For the best info you can get on A/C and Belize go to the web page by the Island expert Marty...its // about 41 pages(printed) of everything and anything you want or need to know..another Island expert is Lan Sluder..these two guys have ALL the answers.. Enjoy.....
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/18/02 07:24 PM

The confusion in prices is probably because one fare (app $95. RT) is from the international airport in Belize City, and the other (app $55. RT) is from the Municipal. On the "home page" of this site, there is a place to click on Tropic Air or Maya Air. Go there to get accurate prices and info.

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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/22/02 06:16 PM

Is it worth flying from Municipal vs BZE to AC? How much money do you save that way and whats the difference timewise?
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/22/02 07:59 PM

You can save about 10$ U.S. each way by flying in and out of municipal and trip time is about the same. If you are a little afraid of flying you might not want to do this. The runway is very short and approach and exit is out over the water. Pilots are very good though and you might enjoy the ride. Definitely not like anything you would ever experience flying in the U.S.
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/24/02 09:52 PM

If there are two or more of you travelling with average luggage I would recommend going via the municipal. The difference in price is $40US per person return. The taxi between the two airports takes about 10mins and costs around $15US. That's a lot of Belikins !!
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/24/02 11:22 PM

It is 94.00 USD return to San Pedro Ambergris Caye from the Intl' Airport.
For our time table and booking your flight
you may go to
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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/25/02 03:35 PM

Does Tropic/Maya take credit cards?

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Re: Airfare to the Cayes - 02/25/02 06:01 PM

To answer my own question... Yes, Tropic does take credit cards, as they have informed me in their e-mail.

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