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Posted By: ladybug

airline tickets - 02/21/02 01:51 AM

Has anyone ever used 'Priceline' to get airline tickets to Belize? We're arriving in Dec and I can't find tickets for under $900RT. Any suggestions?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 03:49 AM

Hi ladybug,
We have used priceline forever and always get GREAT deals!
Our problem is we keep forgettin to join a milage club (?) lol anyway...
Do it, it's not only fun.... but you do get a very good price as well!!!
Posted By: Wasatch

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 04:10 AM

Ladybug,,,$900 R/T from Florida,,,sounds expensive to me,, I just priced the same R/T from San Francisco on Continental Air.. VIA Huston to Bze.. and the price for 1 R/T/ was $487....What air port are you leaving from..?? you May want to check out another terminal that is close to you. Good Luck, hope to see ya there...
Posted By: dawng

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 04:20 AM

I'm flying from JFK in NYC in 2 weeks. We got a flight for $530 R/T, with a connection in Miami. I don't know how close to Miami you are but it is worth checking into. A drive there would get you on a direct flight for probably less than what I paid. We are flying American Airlines. December is a long time away don't jump into such a expensive fare.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 07:53 AM

did ya try or

i got a decent price on the latter. leaving on a weekday rather than weekend helps too.
Posted By: ladybug

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 05:22 PM

Thanks to all for the replies. I too thought $900 from Orlando was "pricey" But that is the going rate. We'll probably fly out of Miami, but that to is still at $750! Go figure?! I still have plenty of time to look. I saw some fares on that looked interesting. I keep an eye on that.
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 06:17 PM

Keep checking daily. My flight from Chicago to Belize was $960 one day on American and $533 the next day. You have a lot of time to plan. I'd wait it out a couple of months. Also, Orbitz has some pretty good fares.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 06:34 PM

Wait to book until about 3 months out. We booked our April trip last June... but everyone waited until around Dec//Jan to start booking air as it stayed about $900 RT until then (from Atlanta). The sales dont usually hit until about 3-4 months out. Just keep an eye on them each month and they will eventually drop.

Unfortunately Delta doesnt fly to Belize or most all of us would have cashed in some FF miles instead! opefully they'll be flying there by next time we go.

Posted By: NanaBnana

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 07:14 PM

Try "Exitos"...they are a Latin American Travel Company from Colorado and have always gotten us the best deals on flights (they have a web site)...good luck! Also, the security lines at the Belize airport are less of a problem than in US but they still hand search each piece of luggage thoroughly!!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 07:16 PM

i just picked random dates in dec on oldgator's site, and got $738, just now, miami to bz.
Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: airline tickets - 02/21/02 07:34 PM

Orlando to Belize $380. That doesn't include taxes, so plan maybe $450.

Posted By: mommy

Re: airline tickets - 02/22/02 05:53 AM

we r flying from cleveland ohio all the prices we can up with were over 1000 per person so we decited to go to a travel agent so we ended up paying 530 per person much better rates!! good luck to u!!
Posted By: capt_cu2

Re: airline tickets - 02/22/02 07:40 PM

My brother has had good luck with priceline but I never have. I tried, ocasionally came across this mysterious $400 fare but it would never "sell" when I tried to book. But at least I discovered much better fares were available leaving during the week, Tues, Wed or Thurs. End up going directly to COntinental. RT from Philly $509 + taxes. BUt a 6:50 AM flight yikes. Soooo with security checkin, drive to airport that means waking up some the night before. hehe
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: airline tickets - 02/22/02 08:55 PM laugh, but we came home from orlando last month, and arriving 1.5 hrs before the return flight, gave us about 15 minutes to RUN to the gate, check in and get on the plane. hubby was searched twice and his briefcase completely dismantled.

phila airport was not as bad.
Posted By: capt_cu2

Re: airline tickets - 02/22/02 09:36 PM

Jane you're right. Last time I did an early flight out of Philly it wasn't to bad and the last time I went through Orlando I ended up spending the night. Didn't make the 15 minute run to the next gate. [Linked Image]

Besides I don't mind being up at an O dark:thirty if it means going on vacation. Kinda seems like how the adventure should begin. The return is worse [Linked Image] hehe gets in a 1AM and then work in a few hours. weeee but who cares bout that now. [Linked Image]
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: airline tickets - 02/22/02 11:30 PM

duh...i did not even look till now to see ya r a local. where in phila r u? i was born in NE, grew up in ft. washington, 10 years in glenside, 10 years in willow grove, now in doylestown. f works in center city...across from city hall
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: airline tickets - 02/23/02 01:01 AM

One of my best friends is married to a Delta pilot. They tell me to look for Delta to start flying Atl/BC this summer. Hope to see that one!!
Posted By: capt_cu2

Re: airline tickets - 02/24/02 08:18 AM

Jane, yep well I say Philly cause know one knows the suburbs. The burbs are just "spreadin out far and wide" just like in Green Acres. [Linked Image]

I live in Chesterbrook near KoP and my girlfriend a tad further west. Both transplants. But I've been here 7 years, long enough to become an Eagles fan: for better and for worse. A lot mo better the past 2 seasons than the first 5.hehe [Linked Image]
Posted By: ojackieo

Re: airline tickets - 02/27/02 02:15 AM

Mommy82974- I am trying to find airfare out of Cleveland and I keep getting them in the thousands also, what travel agent did you use? You can email me there phone number or the name. Thank you, Jackie
[email protected] Thanks again
Melissa, I think I will give it another try,August?
Posted By: emcwilliams

Re: airline tickets - 02/27/02 04:05 PM

Hey sweetjane, I just read your post and saw that you lived in Glenside. So did my mom! When did you live there? It really is a small world.
Posted By: IslandinParadise

Re: airline tickets - 02/27/02 04:30 PM

Jackie-Thats great that you will be joining us. We're going from July 19-August 20 and staying at Banana Beach. Congrats on trying it again! Melissa
Posted By: lupay

Re: airline tickets - 02/27/02 04:50 PM

Hey, Jackieo glad to hear you are going back down we will be there the last week of July.
Posted By: kpjc

Re: airline tickets - 03/04/02 08:53 AM

going to ac in october. my travel agent just quoted me round trip airfare and 7 nites at lily's hotel & restaurant, all taxes, fees and transfers included for $939.00 if i go solo. based on double occupancy $796.00 pp. that's leaving out of new orleans, and connecting flight in houston, to belize city on continental. good luck hope to see some of you in october....kerry

Re: airline tickets - 03/08/02 04:32 AM


Are you leaving out of New Orleans? Who is your travel agent? I am getting quotes on Airfare only for $800.00 per person for July.

Posted By: kpjc

Re: airline tickets - 03/08/02 07:16 AM

beach bound....hope this helps...northlake travel in slidell...speak with donna...985-643-5900...this fare is a package offered thru lily's hotel and restaurant...she knows who to contact...don't know what the fares are in july, but, it' worth a shot...good luck...kpjc (kerry)
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