Am I going to beat this price?

Posted By: FosterStars

Am I going to beat this price? - 05/11/02 06:02 PM

I was told airfare from DFW to Belize was almost always $600 PP. But AA is having a fare sale where I can get it for $420 PP. The weeks after the sale it's back up to $650. Should I book today?
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/11/02 06:05 PM

Yes, absolutely, unequivocably, do it now, whatever it takes. And stay longer than you can afford.
Posted By: FosterStars

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/11/02 06:06 PM

Thanks for the help Big Frank. Got a total of $840 for me and my girlfriend. So that's a great deal to there, eh?
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/11/02 06:17 PM

Yes, it is a good deal-- afair fare:^} And besides, if you could get a better deal, how much is the brain damage of watching, and waiting, and hoping... worth. Plus, tonight you get to say, "Honey, I have a surprise for you." Dude, I am so jealous. Last went NY Eve of 2000-2001.
Just once, when you're in a hammock and have that s-eatin' grin on your face, look to the horizon, tip that Belikin and say,"Thanks for the push, Frank."
Posted By: beachluvr

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/12/02 02:55 PM

fosterstars, where did you find that deal? that is a great deal, for sure...when are the travel dates for that fare? we're thinking of going in july or aug...i'd be happy to book it today, if i could find it!
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/13/02 02:51 AM

I can also get excelellent Bulk Airfare to Belize but you have to book a hotel package with me since thats the airlines stipulation on bulk air contracts (we are not allowed to sell air only) but thats not so bad when you consider the air from


is just $460 plus security charges depending on what they are at the time since thay change a lot since 911

This is not a published fare and can only be obtained through a bulk fare contracted agent.

If your interested let me know

Best regards

Gaz Cooper
Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club
Posted By: FosterStars

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/13/02 05:02 PM

Thanks Big Frank. I totally will take a sip and tip one towards you, my friend. We had already decided on Belize, but I just needed someone to confirm for me that I wasn't going to get better airfare. And as you said, it's not worth the brain matter lost on wondering if I will get something better -- and, of course, there would be the repeated kicking of myself if later on I didn't find something as good. Nothing worse than "man, I should have booked that."

Beachluvr, the fares were on AA's website. I heard about the sale through travelocity or one of those sites. travel has to be completed by June 15 or so, so I had to move my trip up one week (initially we planned June 10-18, but changed to June 6-14). If you just go to and try to book a flight that returns before June 15 you should find a good fare.

Frank, I believe we're staying at Belizean Shores. Your ever been there?
Posted By: watt

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/13/02 10:19 PM

Hi, We are staying at Belizean Shores June 7th through the 15th. Hope we get to meet. By the way, I couldn't find those fares you were talking about and I ran our dates again with AA and it came up over $2000 for 2 tickets which is insane!!!! Luckily, we picked up our tickets from one of those discount sites and only paid $548 p/p.
Posted By: FosterStars

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/15/02 11:31 PM

watt, glad you found a good fare and didn't get hammered for 2 grand.

we get there the 6th, stay until the 14th. where are you traveling from? and how many people are with you?
Posted By: watt

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/17/02 04:31 PM

We (me and my husband) are arriving early afternoon on the 7th and staying through the 15th. Traveling from Tulsa. Looks like you are from big "D". We are in Dallas frequently on business and to party. My husband lived there in the late 80's and had the time of his life. Did you make sure to ask Kate to give you an upstairs unit? The upstairs units are bigger and have the loft. I can't wait to get there and am spending much of my day reading these boards -- which has severely cut down on my billable hours. Oh well.

We are first timers to the island and I can barely wait to leave for AC. Have you considered getting a golf cart since we are about 4 miles out of town? I know we want to get one for atleast part of the time and didn't know if you might be interested in sharing? Just a thought.
Posted By: FosterStars

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/20/02 05:08 PM

That is a thought Watt. I had considered getting one, but honestly didn't think I could afford it. What does one cost for a week? I guess if you had one you wouldn't ever have to take water taxis, eh?

And yes, I asked Kate for an upstairs condo. I had read on this post that the upstairs units were bigger, so I went for that. I called BS and they told me the loft also had a bed in it, so if the girlfriend gets mad and kicks me out I'll have a place to sleep [Linked Image].
Posted By: watt

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/20/02 08:55 PM

I think the carts are around $60 a day and the only drawback is that the thingy that takes you across the river closes at 8:00 so no late nights out in the cart and you still get stuck paying for the water taxi. I wanted to get one for a couple days just to do a full exploration of the island -- and bar hopping during the day. I don't think you can really check everything out on a bike and I am more into exercising the arm lifting the beer than peddling all over, if you know what I mean.
Posted By: kannadiga1

Re: Am I going to beat this price? - 05/24/02 05:41 PM

There is a airfare special on where if you buy one American Airlines ticket, your next one is 20% off. I am trying to get a ticket from DC to Belize and right now the bext price I can find is $462. If I use the 20% off though, my second ticket would be closer to $370 or so. I called travelocity and asked the agent if I could try this and he said that it would probably work. The worst case is that you buy one ticket, then use the coupon for the second flight. If the coupon doesn't work, then buy the second ticket at the same price as the first. The agent told me that the coupon is immediately emailed to you after you buy the first ticket. I will let everyone know if it works for me.
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