Low Airfares

Posted By: trina

Low Airfares - 03/06/02 05:09 AM

One day I researched airfares from Seattle/Belize, and there was a round trip available for late April for around $450 US> Very cheap! A week later, I look up the same website, and it's $650 at cheapest fare. Anyone know why/if fares change so radically, or have any brillian ideas of how to research. I looked on orbitz and expedia; both yielded same results!
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/06/02 09:16 AM

So far I've found Orbitz to be the most expensive. Editorial: Not a good sign considering it's owned by the major airlines.

Airfare quotes on the web do vary and I found that you need to search in certain ways or you'll not get the same fare twice wth just subtle differences in the criteria you used.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/06/02 02:40 PM

Some of the resorts in AC have Contracts with the airlines & can sometimes get you lower fares----worth checking out...
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/06/02 03:29 PM

Johnboy speaks the truth. Since this is our first time to AC we had a travel agent set us up with a package through Continental. Airfare was extremely reasonable as was most of the rest of the package. It's worth checking out.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/06/02 04:52 PM

While planning my trip, I would check airfares several times a day on different websites. Fares are constantly fluctuating. Keep at it and be ready to grab it when the fares drop. I have found, contrary to what was just posted, that Orbitz sometimes has the best fares, but not always. is showing $550 for Seattle to Belize, but I don't believe their posted fares include any taxes. I am flying to BElize from Oklahoma City, but am meeting a friend who is flying from Seattle. At the time we finally made our reservations, going to Continental's site turned out to be the cheapest for her. I made my reservations through
Good luck.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/06/02 06:23 PM

I'm surprised someone found Orbitz so expensive. I got SFO - Belize flights for $365 return. I think you just have to got through all the sites (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity etc.) until you find the best deal,
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/07/02 01:58 AM

Try the different places for continental and then get one of the coupon books credit unions and non-profits sell. If the fare is over $500 you get $100 off. This is good for two tickets. Our $550 tickets out of Portland became $450.
Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: Low Airfares - 03/07/02 02:09 AM

I'd love to know where you got even $550 out of PDX. I'm trying & trying and coming out with up to $700 tix. ?!?!?!?! I've tried all the sites, and not sure where to go now. Any help greatly appreciated!
Posted By: govikes

Re: Low Airfares - 03/07/02 05:35 PM

Hey Islandjunkie, have you tried They usually have some really good fares. I just used yesterday to get a flight to DFW (Hi rick/cheri), got a good price and it was a done deal in 10 minutes, so you might want to try them also.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/07/02 08:14 PM

Islandjunkie: We booked our tickets (although it was months ago) through [email protected] $555 RT on Continental. Not bad considering we are flying on weekends both ways. It won't hurt to try. GOOD LUCK!


Re: Low Airfares - 03/08/02 04:38 AM

I have been checking rates for July from New Orleans and am finding $800.00 per person. I am really praying these prices go down. I was hoping to pay around 450.00

Anyone flying from New Orleans lately?

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Re: Low Airfares - 03/23/02 04:40 PM

To Angela, airfare out of New Orleans....just booked with Jim [email protected], with Continental out of Houston for $489.00 including's the best I found...N.O. to Houston to Belize....he's a pro.
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Low Airfares - 03/23/02 05:26 PM

We just got ours for April, from Barb's Belize, for 465US, includes everything on the airfare. Hey Govikes, how are ya?
Look her up, she most of the time has the lowest fares. thanks, Barb...
This is from Ft. Worth, TX....

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Re: Low Airfares - 03/23/02 06:33 PM

try . i got phila to belize city for $512 including tax ($460 + tax), for a weekend flight. ($420 for weekday).
Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 04:04 AM

FYI, after checking all the sites (a million times, it seemed like), I finally chose hobbittravel (again). Still the best price (over orbitz, expedia, travelocity, flycheapol, and all others I happened upon). But at this point, who even cares about the price (OK, I REALLY DO, But hey ..... I'm going back - YEEEHAAA! And that's what really matters!)
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 05:12 AM

What price was it??? From Okla.City????
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 06:39 PM

huh. i tried hobbittravel and only get i am not ready to commit.

alos, i noted that when i tried for June on flycheap, it was much $100 per tix. does anyone know if this is standard, that thy go up in june, or do i need to just wait a few weeks & try again?

man, my spelling was horrible in this ione!
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 09:13 PM

I've been tracking American Airlines fares for the last month or so. It appears that they have decent airfares out about 2 1/2 months but after that they double. I think they get around to discounting the fares closer to the departure date. Case in point, I just booked a RT from CA to BZE for $505 departing on June 8. If I wanted to leave one week later on July 15, the price jumped to over $1000. (I have to mention that I get a corporate discount of 10% off on AA).
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 10:15 PM

Follow the link, and many of your questions may be answered, check out ‘Air Fares’ and you will see why the fares can change very quickly.

I’m in the same boat as many of you, but I want to go to ‘Utila’ in the Bay Islands and the published fares are over a thousand bucks a seat, (I need 3 seats) OUCH. I did find cheaper tickets ($720) but still the air fare costs were more than the weeks stay in Utila, So what I decided to do is stay for two weeks and it did not add that much more for the entire cost since we were already there.

I had also read that the airline industry is trying to lure passengers back into flying so they are giving good deals on domestic flights but is giving us the out of the normal route the screws. I just seem to think we are going to have to get use to it, but I may be wrong.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/24/02 11:23 PM

I purchased tickets in Feb. for our April trip. RT from Lafayette, LA (we take a puddle jumper to Houston, then straight to BZE) was a whopping $798.00 each!

After going to Idaho-Diver's link about the airlines I decided to try to find something cheaper & get a refund. I went to & found the same exact flights for $454. So I called Continental airlines & asked for the difference. They said that may have negotiated for bulk seats for the cheap price. Wish I'd have known about some of the cheaper places before we booked. I'd have $688. more to spend on belkins. Think Continental is brushing me off unjustly? My tickets are non-refundable of course.
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Re: Low Airfares - 03/25/02 02:24 AM

Continental has you by the hook Jellyfish, almost reeled into the plane. Did you think they would let you off the hook? This ain't catch and release.
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