Flight from Belize City

Posted By: flyfisher

Flight from Belize City - 05/03/02 01:19 PM

We have all our airfair booked up to Belize City, in all the books we have read it says that you don't really need a reservation to get from there to A/C since planes run 8 or so times a day. What does everyone else do?
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Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/03/02 01:47 PM

we made reservations because u might end up waiting a while before there is a flight that has open seats but if u r not in hurry to get to the island then u shouldnt mind.

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Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/03/02 02:18 PM

I'd make reservations. We flew on Maya Air and had full planes going to AC and coming back to the mainland. Noticed that the TropicAir flights in and out looked pretty full, too, and we were there in April when the tourist trade wasn't quite at its peak.
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Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/03/02 03:16 PM

Can't hurt to make a reservation. We did and will pay when we get to Belize City.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/03/02 03:26 PM

Make a reservation, so you will not be concerned. Last trip we were 1 1/2 hours late leaving Houston, since we had reservations with Tropic, we were at ease, so what.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/04/02 12:37 AM

It's easy. You can do it by email. They will send you the confirmation number, and just print it and take it with you.... I felt better having it.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/04/02 01:07 AM

The thing is if you have a reservation, for example, at 4:00 because you get into Belize City at 3:00 but your plane from the States is late, it's OK if you've missed your 4:00 to San Pedro. Your reservation is still good for the next flight if they have room.

If you've made a reservation and you are on time then you have no worries, no muss, no fuss. If you haven't made a reservation, then you'll be at the ticket counter trying to arrange your transport (not that it is any big deal) when your head should already be totally gearing down. [Linked Image]

I always leave all my cares and woes in Houston and pick them up again on my way home. Only each time I come home, the cares and woes don't seem as important as they were when I left them.

The problem then becomes the all consuming thoughts of how to get back down there and how to do that ASAP.
Posted By: flyfisher

Re: Flight from Belize City - 05/05/02 03:33 AM

Thanks for the info everyone. I have one more question, has anyone had any issues with e-tickets to or from Belize City coming/going to houston? I've had e-tickets in smaller airports before and was just wondering if we'd have trouble coming back.
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