Ziplock bags

Posted By: lodell35

Ziplock bags - 08/01/02 09:30 PM

I keep seeing posts that tell people to make sure to bring ziplock bags with them to Belize. I must have missed some posts because I was wondering what we need the ziplocks for?


Posted By: pagodacook

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/01/02 09:42 PM

Well, having been newly introduced to the ziploc phenomenon myself, I can tell you I wondered the same thing, but they truly are a must. We stayed in the jungle for several days before coming to Ambergris and everything we had worn while there was soaked. A lot of our clothing was wet from hiking, horse-back riding, and tubing. Being in the rain forest made stuff damp from the high humidity anyway and it never dries out. You can put all the wet stuff in the zip locks so the rest of your stuff stays dry when its time to pack up and go home, or onto your next destination, like us. If you are just going to AC the zip-locks are good for all the wet swimsuits and anything else you wear snorkeling. My only mistake was not bringing more. When I go back to the jungle again, I think I'd pack each outfit in a zip-lock just to save them from dampness.

Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/01/02 10:24 PM

Hi Pagodacook!!!!Isn't this board fun??????takes all kinds to make a world...Right???? E-mail me sometime & let me know how you & Bill are doing......John
Posted By: Sammie

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/01/02 11:32 PM

Other good uses for ziplocks are for storing the yummy food you bring back to your hotel room and packing. We used the 2.5 gallon size for our clothing....just folded things up, stuck them in the bag, zipped the bag halfway closed, pushed the air out by rolling it into a cylinder, sealed it the rest of the way and flattened it out--just like the space bags on TV. It really saved us ALOT of room--we carried our luggage on instead of checking it so we had limited space. When we were packing to go home, we reused the bags so we had room for the stuff we brought back.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 12:54 AM

and they make good carrying cases for your cameras when you go cave tubing.....just remember to suck the air out.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 03:17 AM

my rum & hot sauce both leaked on the way home too...but were saved by ziplocs. i knew a girl who lost a suitcase full of clothes to a bottle of shampoo! my seashells went in one. your wallet, if it is dear to you. camera was in one.

you get the idea.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 03:53 AM

bringing back conch shells.

they need to air out a bit. i chuckle as i write because i had a particularly nasty one this time, huge, beautiful, but a lil critter bit must have been left inside, cause WHEW when they picked my suitcase to check over, it cleared the area.....

also to carry your lotions and bug sprays in, and maybe an anti-itch stick....
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 04:37 PM

[Linked Image] Marty next time buy your conch shells from Paisano, and they will be clean, no stink, really.

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 06:44 PM

among other things,,, i pack an extra large bag of tropical skittles. each day i fill a small baggie to share with the kiddos. now that is enjoyment.
Posted By: sandman

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/02/02 08:21 PM

For the herb that you get from the weed Dr. that is wrapped in newsprint.
Posted By: stevie

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/03/02 03:15 AM

Sandman - email me as to exactly what you mean. [email protected] Thanks.
Posted By: tonya&les

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/03/02 08:33 AM

Sand man, e-mail me @ [email protected]
Or give me your email address. Thanks

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/03/02 01:18 PM

Saw his name mentioned in this post, earlier, How is he doing, still entertaining all who come to AC, selling shells and acting up??
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/04/02 03:18 PM

yes, yes, and yes. have some fans!
Posted By: sandman

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/04/02 06:58 PM

It's Amergris that has the fans. Belize and weed are like Jerry and the Dead. Damn, wish I was at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, anybody catching the Webcast?
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/05/02 05:03 PM

i saw the dead nearly 20 times...but the last time was '83. (what in the world ever became of sweetJane?)

(favorite tunes? cassidy, birdsong, looks like rain)

and OMG...jorma is still kicking??? LOL!
Posted By: sandman

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/05/02 05:41 PM

I stopped counting long ago. First concert in '67, last was just before jerry died in Eugene. Jorma is not only still kicking, but very active.....
Posted By: toad

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/05/02 06:05 PM

thanks for the website
Posted By: Rubba

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/05/02 07:07 PM

Sandman.... do you post to the ABB website also? Though I had heard/seen ya there before.
Posted By: pagodacook

Re: Ziplock bags - 08/07/02 10:14 PM

hey Johnboy- Sorry for the delay. I've been keeping a low profile lately because we've been in the middle of moving. Hi to Linda-


P.S. I don't have your e-mail address.
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