Wondering about Priceline

Posted By: MamaLiz

Wondering about Priceline - 10/30/02 08:11 PM

I'm thinking about trying Priceline to get lower airfare, but I'm worried about getting from BZE to San Pedro. They might have us in on a redeye. I just checked Maya Island Air and it looks like their last trip out is at 5:20 pm. I'm assuming that Tropic is near enough the same. I think there's a ferry available too, but I have no idea what hours it keeps.
Has anyone here used Priceline for tickets? How bad has it been?
Or, does anyone know where I can get info about the ferry?
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Re: Wondering about Priceline - 10/30/02 08:20 PM

If you are going to use priceline you HAVE to check out

Required reading.
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Re: Wondering about Priceline - 10/30/02 08:33 PM

One thing to keep in mind, if you are coming from the States, there are a limited number of airlines that fly into Belize (Continental, TACA, American, US Air), so if you know there schedules, you will have a good idea about what time you will arrive in BZE. I think the only overnight flight is TACA from Los Angeles. It is an overnight flight that connects in San Salvador and arrives in BZE around 9 or 10 in the morning.
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Re: Wondering about Priceline - 10/30/02 11:40 PM

My husband and I used priceline last June and we had a lot of luck. We left from Colorado Springs at 6-something in the morning, and had a very short lay over in Houston. We were in Belize by 2:20 and at our hotel by 3:30. Good Luck to you.
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Wondering about Priceline - 10/31/02 01:44 AM

American and Continental both get t :p o Belize City early in the afternoon. I think Taca gets there later in the afternoon, around 4:00 or 4:30. In either case you will have plenty of time to get to SP.

Re: Wondering about Priceline - 11/01/02 07:57 PM


Well, well, well, back again! You'll be just fine on either Continental or American. Tropic Air gets everyone to the island, even if they have to get the permission to fly at dark. (Did that 4 years ago Xmas, in the rain, and dark with our kids, WOW!)

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Re: Wondering about Priceline - 11/01/02 08:09 PM

ChooChoo!!!! How great to "see a familiar face"! I had to stop coming to this website when I realized that my return to AC was not going to happen as quickly as I'd wanted. It was so depressing to see all the folks announce: We're flying out tomorrow...
But hubby has been doing some major overtime and now I finally get to return to paradise laugh
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